We advertise our markets here at White Hat where you can find details of all Melbourne markets.

The following pics are from the Mother’s Day Market we held at the Pioneer Presbyterian Church in Cheltenham. It was a beautiful autumn day in May 2012 (we’re not usually so lucky with our weather – in fact one of the ladies commented that perhaps God wasn’t a Presbyterian after all!) We always have fun thinking of new things to make for our stall and its a big day and a lot of organisation especially for the main organiser – Margaret – who always does a remarkable job and manages to keep smiling!

At the end of the year we add up all the money made from our two markets and decide which charities we are going to donate to. Some of the charities we have donated to are: SIDS, Flying Doctors, Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

We are hoping that November 24th will be our biggest and best yet!! Good luck ladies.

Inside the hall

Sim, Margaret and Sally manning our baby stalls

Sun shining – everyone enjoying the atmosphere.

Dutch Pancakes – YUM!

Some lovely quilts for sale.

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  1. Dutch pancackes – you mean bacon pancakes? I was born in Holland and lived there till I was eleven. One of my favourite memories is my Dad shouting me lunch at the local pancake house – my first ‘date’. He took us out for a treat one by one, always a high light (there were five of us in all).

    • Well I think they call them profitjes (not sure what that translates too)? but because a lot of people hadn’t heard the term, I took to calling them Dutch pancakes – they are the little round ones (I think 8 or 10 on a plate) and then lemon and sugar and butter or maple syrup – very yummy, whatevery their name is!! Sounds like the trip to the pancake house holds a special place in your memory – thanks for commenting :)

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