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The Akeny furniture company makes some of the most beautiful, beautiful furniture on the market today. They have an absolutely stunning collection of furniture that is made right here in the USA. It all starts with an architect who has the vision and the know how. He or she then hires the talented craftsman to craft the pieces.

The Akeny company is run by a young woman named Alicia Ritter, who also happens to be the CEO of Akeny Furniture, which means that she has the ability to make all the decisions about what goes into the pieces. I have a hard time imagining a world where one person with a clear vision and an ability to hire a team of craftsmen would be running a business.

I think what ails the USA more than anything is the lack of a clear vision. I have a hard time seeing a world where someone as talented as Alicia Ritter wouldn’t be able to make the decisions necessary to make the pieces they put out there. A great place to start is with the first furniture pieces and the first room that you see in the trailer.

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