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DIY laptop stand

8 ways to save your money with creative DIY laptop stand

In this digital age, laptops may no longer a luxury, but a necessity. You’ll see every other student, worker, and average citizen walking around with one. This portable PC can be put on any flat surface. But not all surfaces are even and comfy. There is a high risk of overheating the laptop or causing […]

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DIY ottoman

58 Home DIY ottoman ideas for a charming living room

Do you ever want to create decorative DIY ottoman upholstery with your own design and personal style? Are you looking for do-it-yourself furniture project ideas with instructions? Here we love to recommend you 58 simple step by step ottoman chair tutorials from many bloggers that will help you out. From rustic pallet handmade footstool to […]

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11 DIY faux fireplace ideas you cannot miss in 2019

Have you thought of standing next to a cozy fireplace mantel at your home while reading a good book, covered up with a blanket and hot cocoa only to find out that you need no wood fuel fireplace design? And putting a real one in would just about break your money account? It’s time to […]

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Instructions for making DIY table leg from wood

In the previous article: How to make DIY table top, we provide you with detailed construction processes to make a wooden dining table top craft. In this post, we will recommend you to make DIY table leg from wood to help you complete a farmhouse table. Keep reading to explore 4 types of making woodturning table legs: […]

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How to make wood DIY table top for beginners

Craft do-it-yourself table top can crack if woodworking table breadboard ends be attached with pocket screws. Get the same look and reduce the chance to crack with this easy craft solution. In this article, we will show you the DIY table top industrial processes and how to fix the craft problems with simple tools and […]

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