border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 conex containers disguised as “furniture”


I’m a huge fan of the National Rifle Association’s and their firearms section, so this is my favorite section in the entire collection.

It’s hard to explain how border guards found a ton of guns and ammunition in 14 containers, but it was probably quite a bit of work. As you all know, border patrols are a common occurrence in the Middle East and parts of Western Europe. Sometimes these patrols get as heavy as a whole truck, so it’s no surprise that finding so many guns and ammo in one place is quite a feat.

According to our data from the latest analysis of 19th Century-style collections, we found a total of 53 gun-related items in the 13th century, and it’s been pretty much as much as we’d expected.

One of the best parts of this piece is that the guns are all from the 17th to 19th centuries. The majority of the guns are from the 17th century. The 17th century was an era where guns were becoming more advanced, thus they were a lot more common. The 18th century was the era where many of the world’s most popular guns were produced, thus they were expensive and highly prized.

The problem is there are actually two types of guns in the world, the real ones and the artificial ones. A gun is the biggest and most complex piece of technology ever created. If you have one, it’s basically like having a computer sitting in any room of your home. A gun is a machine that allows you to fire a bullet or a shell. These guns, though, are very complicated.

The real thing is a box, and it’s pretty easy to change the color of the box to get the same effect. The problem is a lot easier when you get into the box. The box is the thing used in the game and has its own color, so you can’t change the color of the box. The problem is the game has so many different characters, spells, and weapons. So the box is basically just another piece of technology, but it’s also pretty hard to change.

This is a pretty cool story, but so is the new trailer. It has some really cool characters and a lot of action sequences. The main characters are the one who finds the bullet box and the second character, who finds the gun. The game has the main protagonist being a zombie, but he’s actually the main character.

The trailer also has some cool cutscenes. The first is a short scene where an officer is walking through a shopping mall, and he notices a man wearing a suit. The man is wearing a gun and a backpack, which implies that the officer was probably a soldier.

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