Custom aprons in 10 minutes for craftymen

It’s really much easier to make a personalized apron textile art than you may think, especially with this tutorial. It’s one of the most basic chef apron designs you can make. Which makes it the perfect beginner sewing project? In this article, we love to help you make your unique custom aprons in 10 minutes! Yes, it’s 10 minutes, I’m not lying to you. In this article, DIY Kitchen Things will show you how to sew funny custom aprons, cute custom apron crafts, chef custom aprons from artificial materials like a sewing machine and cloth for your cooking time.

personalized aprons
Personalized aprons for you to make.

Why do I make my custom aprons?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m making something with my bare hands, there’s guaranteed to be a mess around me (and possibly on us as well). So, I whip up a custom apron so at least I could keep my clothes clean, even if I can’t keep the tables and the floors mess-free. Hence, I decided to make my own custom aprons to save me from getting messy and dirty while doing gardening or cooking.

Funny custom aprons
Funny custom aprons.

How do I create my sewing custom aprons clothing?

However, it’s also really cute! I feel like it would make a sweet (and economical) gift for a friend or family member that likes to cook, craft, bake, etc. Let’s croll down for the full tutorial.Do I need a personalized apron pattern to make my own?

Nope! I’ll show you how to make one very simple, cute apron without a pattern. It’s very easy with just a few measurements.

Materials For Custom Aprons Textile arts

Apron sewing material
Apron sewing material

• one yard of thick(ish) fabric
• scissors
• thread the matches fabric
• pencil or tailor’s chalk
• cloth tape measure
• sewing machine

What type of fabric to use for a handmade apron?

The best fabric for one funny apron is the fabric you already have, if possible! Because using materials you already have will reduce waste and save money.

But whether you purchase fabric or use whatever you already have, when it comes to material, a medium to heavyweight fabric is ideal! Especially since those crafting custom aprons is a single layer. And thicker fabrics will mean paints, liquids, etc would be less likely to go through to your clothing underneath.

Generally, you’ll want about a yard of fabric to create some sewing custom aprons crafts like this one. However, depending on your size and/or if you want something roomier, you might want a little more.

How to Make a Chef Custom Aprons Clothing in 10 Minutes

1st: Cut fabric pieces.

Precisely cut a piece of fabric down to size – 26 inches high by 20 inches wide. Then fold the fabric up like a hot dog (wrong side up). You’ll also want three long lines of fabric at this time.

custom aprons

Since I used a shower curtain that already owned finished edges, I cut those edges off and used those for those strips because they were already finished and ready to go.
You’ll need double strips that are 36 inches each (you could go shorter than this, we just like having a long strap). And then you’ll need one strip for a neck that is 18 inches long. Each strip is a half-inch widen, but you can do any width you like here.

2nd: Fold and measure your manufacture custom aprons crafts

Fold and measure your custom aprons
Fold and measure your custom aprons

Then with the top of the fold to your left, calculate over from the fold 4 inches and make a small mark (this will bring you a total of 8 inches when unfolded for the top of that funny apron).

3rd: Measure and create a curved line.

Then measure from an opposite side (see photo) 18 inches high from the bottom and create a small mark. Then freehand a curved line from the mark you did in step 2 to the mark you made in step 3.
Again, look at the photo for reference. This curved line is the area on the custom aprons decorative arts under your arm.

4th: Cut the fabric on that line.

Cut the fabric on that line.
Cut the fabric on that line.

Cut on that line which was made in step 3, through both layers of fabric.

5th: Hem with a sewing machine.

Hem with a sewing machine, to create a completed edge around your kitchen apron. Being sure to cut little notches at the curved parts (arm area) of the funny custom apron to help it lay or fold better for hemming.

Hem with a sewing machine.
Hem with a sewing machine.

6th: Add the long straps

Next, that’s time to add the long straps. For the back ties, find the very ending of the arm area, where the bottom of the curved line meets that vertical fabric line.

Add the long straps
Add the long straps

Then attach one of the long 36 inch straps at the back of the fabric. For added strength, make a small box with your sewing machine, over the strap. And then an X through that.
Repeat this step with the other 36-inch strap on the other side of the custom apron texture arts.

7th: Add the shorter strap.

Then, at the top in the neckline, add the shorter strap the same way you added some back ties in step 6. Snip any stray string to clean everything up when you’re ready to craft (or cook).

Add the shorter strap.
Add the shorter strap.

Funny custom apron ideas

What do you think about our step-by-step instruction to help you make your sewing custom aprons manufacturing? Do you feel inspired yet to create one for yourself? If your answer is yes, then congratulation!

But if your answer is no? Then, let’s say that sewing and crafting are not for everyone. If you can’t do DIY stuff but still want to own things that are personalized for you only, we love to recommend some sewing custom aprons from Etsy for you! Let’s explore what they are.

1. Cute cat clothing custom aprons

Cute cat clothing custom aprons
Cute cat clothing custom aprons

This apron is perfect for cat lovers to use in cooking, gardening, and sewing. Look how cute it is!

2. Funny embroidered personalized apron idea

Funny cat apron
Funny cat apron

People keep making fun of you for being a cat lady and not having kids all the time? So this design was made for you! “Wanna say something? Just look at my apron!”

3. Funny aprons

Funny aprons
Funny aprons

Let’s have that attitude when someone being suspicious of your cooking skills.

4. Bear custom aprons clothing

Aprons for men
Bear custom aprons clothing

This bear apron is a design for men who love cooking. How cute it is!

5. Cute cat apron

Cute cat apron
Cute cat apron.

The last one we love to recommend is a super lovely design for men and women who love cooking, baking, and gardening.

Here are a step-by-step instruction for sewing a custom aprons and some interesting ideas for your kitchen! Keep following The Crafty Pioneer for more interesting ideas for your DIY home decor!

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