How to decorate your kitchen with coffee mugs

A coffee mug is not just a cup. Sometimes, it is a birthday gift, a Mother’s day gift, a Father’s day gift, a Christmas gift, or a souvenir from a friend or family member. I love coffee mugs so much that I have already bought 15 mugs as souvenirs from my travel. However, I don’t use them for drinking actually and they took so many spaces in my cupboard. So, I came up with the idea of decorating my kitchen with my coffee mugs! If you have a boring kitchen and looking for a new DIY kitchen décor idea, you came to the right place.

Why are coffee mugs the perfect décor items for your kitchen

Many people believe that they have an emotional attachment to their mug due to their memory and experience with that mug. For me, I had a favorite mug featuring “Best mom ever” from my older daughter that I use to drink coffee every morning. When I accidentally broke it, I felt like I had a broken heart, I was shocked and still thought about it for weeks, blamed myself for not be careful. So why did it happen?

Firstly, I think because it’s MY mug. Yep, not like other stuff, mug is a personal thing that you do not share with anyone. Also, the mug reminds you of the person who gives you that coffee mug. In my case, that was my lovely daughter, for many of you, that might be your brother, your sister, or your boyfriend. Those beautiful memories and emotions with them make you love the mug.
Sometimes, it’s about the cup itself. Many coffee cups embellished with an inspiring quote that becomes your motivation every morning. For me, it’s the slogan “Best mom ever” that made me feel proud of my kids and proud of being a mother.

Hence, I think that coffee mugs are very suitable to use as décor items in your kitchen and bring a cozy and positive atmosphere for your house.

So, do you have any story with the coffee mug? Let’s move to 7 ideas to decorate your kitchen with coffee mugs. I hope that my suggestions can help you with some ideas for your home décor.

Coffee mug décor ideas

Coffee mug wall holder

A coffee mug holder or a coffee mug rack is a cool idea to organize your cups in the kitchen. Colorful mugs with a do-it-yourself wooden mug holder will make your kitchen cozier.

Big coffee mug holder
Big coffee mug holder.
Rusty coffee mug rack
Rusty coffee mug rack. Source: Etsy

Check this DIY coffee mug holder tutorial from The DIY Cottage for a detailed guideline. She used a miter box, wood stain, polyurethane paint, coat hooks, chalkboard paint to create a beautiful rustic coffee rack with a small board that you can write inspiring words to cheer up yourself.

Cheap dollar tree rack for coffee mugs

If you are not really good at woodworking, this DIY coffee mug tutorial from Bargain Bethany will be helpful for you! In this video, Bethany used wire rack hooks, cooling racks, zip ties from Dollar Tree, and white spray paint to make a budget DIY cup holder at $8.

budget Coffee mug rack
Budget Coffee mug rack.

You can use another paint color to match your kitchen theme or just keep it simple with its original color.

Coffee mugs on shelf

Those mug holders are so lovely, however, they may not large enough to keep a big coffee mug collection. Hence, we love to introduce you to this Coffee mug wall-mounted rack plan from Land to House. This wooden wall shelf can store up to 45 cups and may take you half a day to finish.

coffee mug wall shelf
Coffee mug wall shelf.

You can fill it up years by years with different mugs from your travel, your friends, and your family. Interesting, isn’t it? Just take notice that it is only suitable for a big kitchen with a large wall. If you have a small one, you should think it again.

Wooden Bogu wall rack

If you are in love with Japanese home décor, this Bogu wall rack will be perfect for your kitchen. This bogu rack is inspired by the bogu mask – an initial training armor in Kendo. This rack is commonly used for a tea set, however, using it for coffee mugs is such a cool idea. Its unique design will blow a new wind to your kitchen.

Bogu cup rack
Bogu cup rack

Triangle coffee mug tree

This design will be a nice choice for a white small kitchen. This 5-floored rack can contain up to 25 coffee mugs. It is not only a coffee mug rack but also a nice décor thing in your house. So lovely, isn’t it?

triangle mug tree
Triangle tea mug tree.

Here are some nice coffee mugs with inspiring quotes that bring you the motivation for a new day and also a nice idea to decorate your kitchen!

Wife boss mom coffee cup
Wife boss mom coffee cup.
Best mom coffee mug
Best mom coffee mug.

What do you think about our coffee mug decorative items? Do you have any idea to renew and makeover your kitchen with your coffee mugs? Don’t hesitate to tell The Crafty Pioneer in the comment section!

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