Best DIY bookshelf guidances and ideas 

Print a wood simple DIY bookshelf plan then you’ll have everything you need to get started building a bookcase for each room in your house. Once you have the wood, building a bookshelf is a fairly simple woodworking project that you can get done in just a day or two. It’s a low-cost project as properly since you make it yourself, you don’t have to worry about breaking through your budget. In this article, we will give you easy DIY bookshelf instructions to help you with making a cheap do-it-yourself bookcase with your own style, from rustic DIY bookshelf to modern DIY bookshelf for your DIY Office Decor.

DIY bookshelf
DIY bookshelf

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The free bookcase plans include a wide variety of wood DIY bookshelf styles and sizes so be sure to look through them all to get the best one for the space you have. 

DIY bookshelf interior design guidance 

Materials Needed to Build a DIY Bookshelf furniture: 

  • 1 sheet 3/4″ plywood 
  • 1 sheet 1/4″ plywood 
  • (5) 1x3x8 
  • (2) 1x2x8 
  • Crown molding (8 ft stick is plenty) 
  • Cove molding (Four 8ft poles) 
  • 4 cabinet feet (I used part #4003 from Osborne Wood) 
  • 1 1/4″ hole screws 
  • Shelf pins 

Tools Needed: 

  • Drill and bits 
  • Circular saw (or big saw) 
  • Kreg Rip-Cut (optional, but helpful to rip plywood) 
  • Miter or chop saw 
  • Nail gun 
  • Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 
  • Kreg Shelf Pin Jig 

NOTE: The project required cutting down a plywood sheet in order to build. Check now my post here on how I quickly, and accurately cut down plywood layers with a circular saw. 

Check out this DIY bookshelf construction here: 

These plans include plywood cut diagrams, detailed measurements, plus instructions to build this simple DIY bookshelf. But, below is the instruction. 

Step 1: Build a wood DIY Bookshelf furniture Carcass 

To get started, we ripped our plywood coat into two 16″ wide strips and one 15″ wide strip using a round saw and Kreg Rip-Cut. If you aren’t familiar with the Rip-Cut, head over to this post to see how I use it to form down plywood sheets. We set the 15″ wide strip aside to practice as shelves later and cut my 16″ wide strips into two long front panels and two short top and bottom panels. Find exact dimensions in those plans here. We used a Kreg pocket hole jig to drill pocket cuts in the ends of the short pieces to use as the top including the bottom of the plywood DIY bookshelf. 

Build a wood DIY Bookshelf furniture Carcass 
Build a wood DIY Bookshelf furniture Carcass.

To assemble the modern DIY bookshelf carcass, we screwed those four pieces together with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws so that we held a “box” like shown below. NOTE: the bottom was screwed in so that top of the bottom shelf is 2 1/2″ from the bottom end of the plywood.  

We cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood from the coat and stapled it onto the back (as shown above). And there we owned a home DIY bookshelf tools carcass. Side note: We love building cabinets because we prefer to be able to say the word “carcass” as often as possible. It sounds fun. 

Step 2: Add Trim to DIY Bookshelf components sides 

To cut out the side panels and give it a little visual interest, we stuck and brad nailed 1x2s and 1x3s onto the sides. Everything was 1x3s without the piece on the front. We made this a 1×2 because the front frame will add some extra width later. 

Add Trim to DIY Bookshelf components sides 
Add Trim to DIY Bookshelf components sides.

Then we lined the insides like the “boxes” with cove molding. 

Step 3: Build and Attach Face Frame on the woodworking DIY Bookshelf 

We built a face frame for the front and screwed it concomitantly with 3/4″ pocket holes and 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws. The overall structure dimensions should cover the entire front. We glued and brad nailed this piece onto the front and then added sound molding around the bottom and crown molding around the top for some attached detail. 

Build and Attach Face Frame on the woodworking DIY Bookshelf 
Build and Attach Face Frame on the woodworking DIY Bookshelf.

Step 4: Add Feet to the home DIY Bookshelf 

We added feet to the back for a little extra interest. We used these feet from Osborne Wood Work. They will add the screw dowels for you (be sure to ask for this) so all you have to do is screw them in! Or you can use a scrap block attached in the corners and glue and screw these feet in on the backsides to hide the screw heads. 

In this case, we ordered those feet with screw dowels, so we predrilled a hole into the plywood back on all four corners of the piece. We made sure to use a drill bit smaller than the screw dowel to predrilled here. Then we screwed the feet into the hole. Since the screws were already in the feet, it made it super easy. And now, it’s almost done!!! Deep breath everybody!! 

Step 5: Add Adjustable Shelves 

So remember that leftover piece of 3/4″ plywood from step one? We cut it into three pieces about 29 3/4″ long for the case. You could add edge banding to the front to cover the plywood ends if desired. 

We put shelf pins in and placed the shelves wherever we thought they looked good. PS…a note about shelf pins. Kreg makes any shelf pin jig for 5mm and 1/4″ shelf pins. Make sure you buy shelf pins to match the side jig you’re using. If you’re using one 5mm jig, purchase 5mm pins. If you’re using a 1/4″ jig, purchase 1/4″ rack pins. 5mm is slightly smaller than 1/4″. 

Step 6: Finish the DIY Bookshelf furniture as wanted 

Being with everything, putty, caulk, sand as needed. Then paint and/or stain. I painted the shelves. We disagreed about the ending. We said stained shelves and navy cabinet. My friend said white distressed cabinet. We agreed and ended up with this: grey cabinet, stained simple DIY bookshelf. 

We added some light to the top because he wanted to contribute something to the design. But we do really like that two-tone here.

Therefore if you’re looking for a simple addition to your living room, homeroom, bedroom, or entryway, this is a really simple build perfect for displaying rings, pictures, trophies, whatever makes your heart happy.

Easy DIY bookshelf ideas

Rustic diy bookshelf instruction

Ana White has a free bookshelf plan that will get you this beautiful natural wood bookshelf made of solid pine boards. This bookshelf plan includes step-by-step guidance, photos, diagrams, a materials and tool list, a cut list, and user-submitted pictures of the bookcases they made using this plan. Complete the look by creating your own headboard or even bed. 

Rustic diy bookshelf instruction
Rustic diy bookshelf instruction.

Industrial DIY Bookshelf architecture 

The inspiration for that Industrial DIY bookcase plan was taken straight from the pages of Pottery Barn. Creating it yourself will let you have this beautiful bookcase for a fraction of that price. There’s a required tools list, materials list, cut list, building directions, diagrams, and color photos to help you while you build it. 

Industrial DIY Bookshelf
Industrial DIY Bookshelf.

6-Foot Tall Bookshelves 

If you’re looking for some tall, skinny bookcases you’ll need to find out this free bookshelf plan from Infarrantly Creative. They’re budget-friendly too, requiring less than $60 each to make. You can build these Restoration a hardware-inspired bookshelf with the provided cut list, building instructions, color photos, and finishing instructions. 

6-foot tall bookshelves
6-foot tall bookshelves.

Cubby DIY bookshelf architecture design 

This simple bookshelf plan will build you a large cubby industry DIY bookshelf with adjustable shelves. Although you could put this anywhere in your house, it would look great in a kid’s room along with a custom doll box, bunk bed, and desk. To help you build this bookshelf, there exists a free video tutorial and photos of user-submitted finished bookshelves. You’ll also see diagrams and written instructions. 

Cubby DIY bookshelf architecture design 
Cubby DIY bookshelf architecture design.

DIY Henry Bookshelf 

The Henry bookshelf was designed via Shanty2Chic for Ana White. It’s the same design as the popular Hendrix Bookshelf that Pottery Barn sold and you can build for a fraction of that cost. There’s a shopping list, tool list, general instructions, diagrams, and color pictures all included in the free plan. This modern DIY bookshelf would look great in a living room surrounded by a custom coffee table and media center. 

DIY Henry Bookshelf 
DIY Henry Bookshelf.

Contemporary Bookshelf 

Popular Woodworking has a free download of this contemporary bookcase plan that emphasizes clean lines to show off your books or other items. Use the guidance and photos to help you build this DIY bookshelf on a weekend. 

Contemporary Bookshelf 
Contemporary Bookshelf.

Crafted Sawhorse DIY bookcase

Here’s another cheap do-it-yourself bookcase furniture plan from Shanty2Chic, this one for one unique looking sawhorse bookcase that uses just 3 tools and can be established for less than $50 in materials. There’s a full video on how to make the bookcase as well as written instructions and color photos. 

Crafted Sawhorse DIY bookcase
Crafted Sawhorse DIY bookcase.

Built-In bookcase Plan 

Here’s another free bookcase plan from This Old House, this item for a 6-shelf built-in bookcase that you can adjust to fit your personal space. Besides detailed building instructions, this free bookcase plan also includes diagrams, images, and a materials and tool list. 

Built-In bookcase Plan 
Built-In bookcase Plan.

Craftsman-Style do-it-yourself Bookshelf Instruction

Family Handyman has one free bookcase plan that builds a classic Craftsman-style bookcase. All included in that free bookcase plan are step-by-step instructions, a list of tools and materials you may need, as well as figures and pictures. 

Craftsman-Style do-it-yourself Bookshelf
Craftsman-Style do-it-yourself Bookshelf.

Simple Barrister Bookshelf Plan 

If you already up for the challenge this free bookcase plan will get you a wonderfully finished barrister bookcase that is both elegant and functional. Use the PDF connection at the bottom of the page to get the complete bookshelf plan that comprises instructions, photos, and diagrams. 

Simple Barrister Bookshelf
Simple Barrister Bookshelf.

Custom Bookcase Plan 

Popular Mechanics has an available bookcase plan that tells you how to build a bookshelf that will match any wall in your home. There are diagrams, pictures, and instructions to support you along all within this free bookcase plan. 

Custom Bookcase
Custom Bookcase.

Small diy bookshelf plan from that old house 

Here’s a free bookcase plan that will get you a little bookcase with two adjustable shelves. With this plan, you’ll get above 10 square feet of shelf space but it takes up less than 3 squared feet of space on your floor. This free bookcase plan includes a tools list, shopping list, diagram, and step-by-step instructions. 

Small diy bookshelf plan from that old house 
Small diy bookshelf plan from that old house.

How to build a wooden modern diy bookshelf construction

This bookcase plan from Lee’s Wood Projects will get you one simple but elegant bookcase that will last for years to come. Here last photos, diagrams, a material list, cutting instructions, and building instructions in this furniture plan.

What do you think about our cheap DIY bookshelf ideas? Don’t forget to keep following The Crafty Pioneer for more furniture ideas for your sweet home. 




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