DIY Canvas Art: 18 ideas and step-by-step instructions

DIY Canvas Art Painting is one of the modern living room home decor that has been becoming more and popular. You can easily bring cool DIY canvas art to your cozy home without painting DIY canvas art yourself. By customizing your walls with your favorite photos using printable canvas frame, you will be able to show your taste of art in the most creative way. In this article, we love to bring you a detailed instruction to make living room DIY canvas art step by step and 18 fun DIY canvas art ideas to help you with decorating your DIY living room!

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Beautiful handcrafted canvas art

How to make DIY Canvas Art step by step

If you’re like us and you’re making it a new goal to finally print out a few of those pictures you’ve been hoarding on your phone for the last year, then this handmade canvas craft has your name written all over them.

We recently discovered an amazing little thing called printable canvas. That affordable paper allows you to transform those iPhone snaps into canvas wall picture craft!

What Is Printable Canvas Paper to use?

Canvas paper allows us to print photos onto textured handmade canvas art print using your home printer, and then put them onto wooden DIY canvas frames for gallery-wrapped-style work of art.

It is sold in one roll or sheet form. There are many advantages to canvas prints. Printing printed on canvas paper do not fade like it would on regular material.

We can also easily clean custom canvas prints with a duster or lightly old cloth.

Materials And Tools Needed To Make A DIY Canvas Art Painting

Mini blank art canvas — Blank canvases are available at any craft and art store or you can purchase them in bulk online.

  • Printable canvas wall paper
  • Microsoft Powerpoint — Or any photo editing software
  • Inkjet printer — Canvas paper should be thicker than regular print paper. Though most have the capability, verify with your printer specifications that it can accommodate decorative DIY canvas art photo printing.
  • Scissors
  • Heavy duty staple gun
  • Pliers
  • Heavy duty staples
  • UV protective varnish spray

Notes: For that DIY project, I’m created 5”x 7” and 5”x 5” canvas size frames. That sizing was limited by my printer which prints a maximum size of 8.5”x 11”.

If your printer can handle larger formats, consider using 11”x 17” white DIY canvas art paper for additional size options.

Decorating DIY canvas art for living room
Decorating DIY canvas art for living room

Simple step-by-step instruction to make A  simple DIY Canvas Art Print

1. Open up a blank document in Powerpoint and insert a picture or artwork. Center the photo on the slide.

(We use Powerpoint, since it’s a program many may be familiar with, but you can also take Adobe Illustrator or any layout editing software as well.)

2. Then, choose the ‘rectangle shape’ from the top toolbar and draw a rectangle about 2-3 inches larger than your photo. You can just eyeball it since that border will be wrapped.

Right click on the rectangle shape and click ‘Send to Back’ in order to send it behind your photo.

Then, right click in the rectangle shape again and choose a paint color fill the same as the general color of your photo. This color will be visible only along the canvas trim so you can opt for just white.

3. At this point, do a test print on standard paper to confirm the color with sizing looks good.

4. Next, select print settings to optimize printing on the drawing DIY canvas art wall. Go to “File” –> “Print” –> ‘Printer Properties’. Choose the next settings and hit “Print”:

Print Quality: “Best”

Paper Type: “Matte Photo Paper”.

5. Once your DIY canvas art graphic design is printed, spray a coat of UV protecting varnish. This coat of paint seals the ink and offers plus protecting against sunlight and moisture.

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How To Wrap A DIY Canvas Painting and How To Mount Your Canvas

Note: We hung up one custom print with no mounting it on the canvas frame so this is another optional wall hang! However, follow these steps below to mount your canvas:

1. Use pliers for pulling off the staples/blank canvas that came on the blank art canvas. This step is optional, but I found I got a tighter wrap with removing the blank canvas.

2. Lay your printed DIY canvas art wall face down, with the center of the wood DIY canvas frame . Check the do-it-yourself canvas paper edges to check correct placement.

Beginning with one of the longer edges, fold the canvas around your wood frame and staple towards the middle of the frame.

Then, fold your opposite edge around the other side of the frame pulling and stretching your canvas as tight as you can.

Staple the canvas into place. Keep using canvas pliers to stretch larger canvases. However, for this size paper, using your hands work just fine.

3. At this step, trim off excess canvas material at each corner at a 45-degree angle to help keep the corners easier to wrap.

4. Wrap the first corner with taking hold of the loose canvas corner and pushing the corner in to that center of the frame.

The goal is to make a tiny fold from the center of the canvas corner down to the corner of the wooden frame.

5. Then fold the loose canvas flap onto your DIY canvas frame so the folded edge is parallel with the corner. Secure flap with one staple.

Repeat steps 6 & 7 to wrap the remaining 3 corners.

18 DIY canvas art wall ideas for your living room

This canvas art project is a unique way to show your personal photography. For more easy DIY artwork projects for your home and office, check out

And if you are looking to preserve your own art decor, they can easily be transferred online to custom art prints.

We really love the idea of yours or your kids’ art drawings or family picture turned into a piece of art.

Nothing puts color and personality into your space quite like a fun piece of art wall. There are so many options, too—think minimalist pieces and funky gallery walls. The perfect piece of wall art for you entirely depends on your personal style.

You can easily DIY your perfect wall art piece, too. That’s a budget-friendly option that will give you a sense of pride every time we catch a glimpse of it. Plus, you can tailor it to match your own home decor seamlessly.

The classic medium for handmade wall art will be DIY canvas art graphic design. Head to your local craft store to find one—big or small, it depends on you—and get to work creating your own homemade canvas art painting masterpiece.

1. Minimalist handmade canvas art

Hanging wall art can be a pain to find out, especially if you’re a renter, but this tutorial offers an easy method to get the job done.

Simple DIY canvas art
Simple DIY canvas art.

2. Holiday Wall Art

Easily add some holiday cheer to your home with that DIY reindeer wall art. Whip up some cocoa, grab a paintbrush, and persuade the whole family to take part. It’s the perfect festive indoor activity for the winter.

painting DIY canvas art
Holiday DIY canvas art

3. Do-it-yourself Statement Sequins

This DIY wall art has flare. It’s the perfect method to brighten up your living room. This easy-to-follow tutorial will guide you through your entire process to create your own shiny statement piece.

Canvas art
Inspirational DIY canvas art

4. Minimalist Wall Art

If you like to keep it moderate when it comes to home decor, look no further. This minimalism DIY canvas art printing is for you. Although it’s an extra-large piece of work, it still maintains a minimal look. Only a few budget-friendly supplies are needed, so there will be no excuse not to get started today.

fun DIY canvas art
Minimalism canvas art frame

5. DIY Canvas Art Wall Hanging

Canvas wall art doesn’t totally have to look the same, and this DIY canvas wall hanging proves that. By adding wood boards to the top and bottom of the canvas, you could give your wall art a vintage and homey feel.

cool DIY canvas art
Hanging canvas painting

6. Abstract Canvas Art

Wall art is a great way to pull a room together. Color matches the part with the rest of your decorations to make your space feel effortless yet beautiful.

Easy Abstract Art — Step By Step from A Beautiful Mess

DIY canvas painting
Abstract handmade canvas wall art

7. Large DIY Canvas Art Graphic Design

Here’s another abstract piece that applies well to tie a room together. Flex your woodworking muscles by making your wooden DIY canvas frame to staple the canvas to. If you’re wary of that step, don’t worry. This tutorial will walk you through the entire process.

Living room DIY canvas art
Large DIY canvas for living room.

8. DIY Doily Art

This DIY is so simple, you most likely have all the materials you need at home already. If not, they’re just a quick visit to the craft store away. Then, you only need half an hour of crafting to create a few cute pieces of canvas wall art.

Find the instruction here.

Doily cute DIY canvas art
Doily DIY canvas art painting

9. Polka Dot Canvases

Polka dots never go out of style. Incorporate them into your living room with this DIY. Use acrylic paint to create one, two, or even three of these polka-dotted canvases that look great in any room.

Click here for step-by-step instruction.

Polka dot DIY canvas frame
Polka dot canvas wall art

10. DIY Lettered Canvas Wall Art

The sky’s the limit with this DIY. This tutorial can teach you how to paint a simple and colorful abstract background, then stencil in your own lettering. The colorful background really makes the words pop. Put your child’s name and match the colors to their bedroom or etch in your favorite quote to hang in the bathroom for a daily pick-me-up. These options are endless!

DIY letter canvas wall art
DIY letter canvas wall art

11. Embroidered Textile DIY Canvas Art

Embroidered thread gives this piece of art an added dimension. That’s a unique, stunning piece that will stop all of your houseguests in their tracks. If you’re already experienced with embroidery, this craft will be incredibly simple. If not, there’s no better way to practice.

Embroidered DIY Canvas painting
Embroidered DIY Canvas painting

12. Decorating DIY Canvas Art Paint With Glue

Perhaps the easiest creative art you’ll ever make, this minimal canvas art only requires five simple materials. You can either freehand a design or use transfer paper to trace one printed design. Then, just use glue to create a three-dimensional effect and keep everything together with a coat of paint. Voila!

Decorating DIY Canvas Art Paint With Glue
Decorating DIY Canvas Art Paint With Glue

13. Glitter Letter DIY Canvas Art Paper Wall

Every room deserves a little sparkle. This piece of art will make the trick. Pick out your favorite quote and follow this tutorial to create this one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

How to make DIY Canvas Art
Glitter Letter DIY Canvas Art Paper Wall

14. LOVE Canvas

This is an excellent do-it-yourself project for beginners as it utilizes premade supplies and includes only some simple steps to create four canvases that spell the word “love.” The tricky thing is hanging them so they align perfectly. But this tutorial has us covered with detailed hanging instructions complete with photos so you can make sure everything needs to be in order.

homemade fun canvas art
Love canvas art

15. Graphic Embroidered Wall Art

You’ll need a plastic decorating DIY canvas art creative technique for this DIY wall art. Then, pick out yarn in your favorite colors and get creative. The geometric shape used in this DIY gives it a modern look, while the yarn brings it a cozy feel.

Graphic embroided canvas art for living room
Graphic embroided canvas art for living room

16. Gorgeous Dotted Canvas Art

In three words, this DIY is classic, simple, and whimsical. You couldn’t go wrong! This straightforward and fun project definitely belongs at the top on your to-do list.

Click here for the beautiful DIY canvas painting.

Dotted fun DIY canvas art
Dotted fun DIY canvas art

17. Floral Handcrafted Canvas Wall Art

Not only is this craft insanely cute, but it’s also easy and economical. This blog post is full of tips and tricks explaining how to reduce costs down while creating this beautiful floral design for your drawing DIY canvas art decoration. It’s the perfect piece during spring!

Handmade flower canvas frame
Handmade flower canvas frame

18. Quick and Easy Elephant Art

This tutorial comes with a simple printable elephant stencil. That makes this DIY craft even quicker! Switch on one episode of your favorite TV show while you craft and, by the time that’s over, you’ll be hanging up this wonderful piece of wall art.

Elephant canvas wall decoration
Elephant canvas wall decoration

Creating your DIY canvas art is interesting, however, it might take a lot of time to do, especially for people who are not used to doing handcrafts. Hence, we love to recommend some customized canvas wall art from teeshirt21 for decorating your lovely living room.

Custom canvas art
Custom canvas art for fathers.
Decorating DIY canvas art for mothers
DIY canvas art
DIY canvas art for your living room.

What do you think about our ideas? Don’t be shy to tell The Crafty Pioneer!


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