How to make DIY curtains in 3 styles

Curtains are important décor items for my home. Not only do they help block the sunlight but also make your living room, kitchen or bedroom look nice and cozy. You may think to make handmade curtains, you must have a sewing machine do it. But it’s not true, you can totally make nice DIY curtains by hand without using a sewing machine. Keep reading to discover how to make handmade curtains now with The Crafty Pioneers!

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DIY curtains made of fabric

Materials and tools

  • Fabric: Choose your favorite fabric and color. There are several kinds of fabric for you to choose from, from linen, cotton, silk, to nylon and polyester. You’d better choose the materials based on your needs. For example, if you want a fancy living room, you better choose linen, silk, and cotton, if you need to stick to the budget, nylon and polyester will be a perfect choice to save cost, if you want curtains for your cozy bedroom, wool fabric is what you need.   
  • Thin cotton towels: 1 pc
  • 1 curtain rod
  • Curtain hooks: If you do not like to use a hook, you need to use a sewing thread to make a part of the empty fabric to thread the hook.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing set
Handmade curtains for living room
Handmade curtains for living room

Step-by-step DIY curtain guide

Step 1: Measure the size of the door frame

To make DIY curtains, you first need to measure the size of the window before determining the size of the curtains. We suggest a method to calculate the size of your handmade curtains:

  • Width = window width + 6”
  • Height: depends on your needs

Step 2: Cut fabric

Cut the fabric following the size shown above, then you can cut the fabric in half (horizontally) to create two parts of the curtain.

Nice curtains for your bathroom
Nice curtains for your bathroom.
DIY curtains made of fabric
DIY curtains made of fabric.

Step 3: Sew the sides of the panels

After sewing two sides of your panels, you keep sewing the top and bottom. 

Step 4: Sew the sides of the panels

Fold the two edges of the cloth (1” on each side), then iron them and sew them. After sewing two sides of your panels, you keep sewing the top and bottom. 

Now moisten the prepared cotton towel, place it on top of the folds, and iron for 10 seconds. Then move the iron from top to bottom of the fold. Do the same for the remaining edges of the curtain. When you already make the fold, iron the curtains again and then remove the staples.

Step 5: Finally, hang up the curtain with curtain hooks. See, without a sewing machine, you can still make a satisfactory curtain. Although not as sophisticated as curtains bought at a store, it is still very beautiful and unique!

Handmade beaded curtains

The next interesting and easy-to-make curtain idea is beaded curtains! Unlike linen window curtains, beaded curtains may not help prevent the sunlight, however, they can be gorgeous décor items for your lovely home.

Though beads seem to be just for jewelry, they can be used to make a curtain too. In recent years, crystal curtains are very popular. Beaded curtains are used to separate the spaces instead of a boring wall. It is such a good idea for those who love creativity. 

DIY beaded curtains
DIY beaded curtains.

Materials and tools

– Beads: you should choose many types to be able to create an outstanding curtain. You can choose either crystal beads or wood beads.

– Rope or small rope depending on the color and type of beads

– Scissors

– Curtain rod and curtain hook

Cute DIY beaded curtains
Cute DIY beaded curtains.

Step-by-step DIY beaded curtain guide

Step 1: First, you need to determine the size of the curtain to calculate the number of beaded strings and the length of the strings. Do not put the strings too close or else it will be easy to get tangled and difficult to remove.

Step 2: Hang the curtain rod to the wall

Step 3: Thread each bead in turn. Be sure to tie the knot at the end of the curtain cord so that the beads don’t slip off the rope. When finished, hang up each beaded string on the curtain hooks. When finish it, you will have a beautiful and unique handmade beaded curtain. 

You can visit this DIY beaded curtain tutorials for a detail instruction.

How to make Bohemian-inspired DIY curtains

If you love to decorate your room in a Bohemian style then make yourself a macrame curtain in boho style. You can hang it at the door of your bedroom the best. You can still hang it in the window but it will get messed up very easily. At first glance, you might think you can’t do it yourself. However, how to make this handmade curtain is not so difficult.

DIY macrame curtain
DIY macrame curtain.

Materials and tools needed

– Cotton cord

– Lace fabric: the size is equal to the width of the curtain you want to make. You absolutely can use wool of the same color. It will look more impressive.

– Wooden dowel: the length is about 3 – 5cm longer than the lace fabric

– Tools: scissors and big wool needles

Boho DIY curtain
Boho DIY curtain.

Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First, you thread the smooth wool into the needle to connect the lace fabric and the wooden rod. After you connect all the fabric, leave a long wool string. This part will form the string to make the hook of the curtain.

Step 2: Take each wool yarn and thread it into the bottom hole of the lace fabric. You just thread all the strings with best watches replica the same length, then you can trim them equally or sharpen them like the top of a triangle. This depends on each person’s decorative preference.

Step 3: Now you’ve got a very pretty Bohemian curtain right away. You see, just through 3 super simple steps, you can refresh your room.

How to make handmade curtains is not difficult, right. Some curtains only take 10 minutes for you to make a new DIY curtain for your room.

Here is a Boho DIY curtain guideline for you.

Some custom curtain ideas for you:

Customed curtain ideas
Custom curtain ideas.
Curtain ideas
Teeshirt21 curtain ideas

What do you think about our ideas? Keep following The Crafty Pioneer for more DIY furniture and decoration ideas!

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