DIY kitchen cabinets: 25 creative ideas

Have you ever thought of making simple DIY kitchen cabinets yourself? I came up with building my DIY kitchen cabinets when I realized that my cabinet did not match the color tone of my kitchen. If you share the same thinking with me, then it’s time for you to make some makeovers for your lovely kitchen, starting with creating your beautiful DIY kitchen cabinets. From modern handcrafted cabinets, rustic DIY kitchen cabinets, to small do-it-yourself cabinets, The Crafty Pioneer will bring you 25 wood cabinet ideas that will change your DIY kitchen forever and save your budget as well!

Building DIY furniture is not only my hobby but also a good way to let me show my creativity with my DIY house decor. Also, I love to watch others making their furniture themselve. Now let’s see some DIY kitchen cabinet ideas. 

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Low budget DIY kitchen cabinets

Cheap skirted cabinets

Furniture is a big investment for each household. To a family with financial issues, purchasing a full cabinet might be a challenge. Hence, a skirted cabinet with a piece of cloth instead of cabinet doors will be a solution.


Cheap skirted do-it-yourself cabinets
Cheap skirted do-it-yourself kitchen cabinets.  

Also, if you don’t like your cabinets and want to do some makeovers without spending too much, this idea is perfect for you! This simple DIY kitchen cabinet is not only cheap but also brings a vintage vibe to your space. Don’t forget to use the curtain clothing with color and patterns which match the design of the cabinet and the color of the wall.

If you love to have a dreamy cottage kitchen, it’s time for you to make your dream come true.

Cheap DIY Kitchen Cabinet

Budget is a big deal to many people when it comes to making or buying furniture, then, this budget-friendly kitchen cabinet will save you! With a small amount of money under $300, you will be able to create your own cabinet. No need to be fancy or glamorous, your farmhouse kitchen cabinet will be the coolest. 

Cheap DIY Kitchen Cabinet
Cheap DIY Kitchen Cabinets.

Space-saving handcrafted kitchen cabinets

Floating Cube Cabinets 

This is a very simple DIY kitchen cabinet that minimalist people will love so hard! For this design, Dries Often uses wooden floating cubes to be nailed on the wall. These handcrafted cabinets can be used to hold flower vases, cooking books, plant pottery, and some décor items. It is not only a nice idea and also helps you take advantage of free space to decorate your kitchen.

Cube kitchen Cabinets
Cube kitchen Cabinets.

Also, this design is easy to make, why don’t you try it?

Floating shelves 

Floating shelves are one of the best kitchen cabinet designs for minimalists. They will be very convenient when installed near your kitchen sink or your stove or your kitchen counter. Hence, you can simply take ingredients out of your shelves to prepare your meal or put the dinnerware on the shelves after washing them. 

Floating shelves
Floating shelves.

Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

You can bring some light to your kitchen cabinet with this simple-to-do idea from Sarah, the author of If you have a dark and small kitchen with no window, this design is what you need. The light above your cabinet makes your space look larger. You may need to buy some equipment to do this project, but believe me, it’s worth it!

Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Lighting.

Roll-out Style Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Another idea to help you save space in your kitchen. This roll-out DIY kitchen cabinets will help you store many food jars instead of making a mess. Although it is a complicated process to make, it’s worth your effort. Your small kitchen will love you so much. 

Roll-out Style Kitchen Cabinet Idea
Roll-out Style Kitchen Cabinet Idea.

DIY Open Kitchen Cabinet

If your hands are always busy in the kitchen, you cannot miss this convenient handcrafted cabinet idea. With no door, this cabinet lets you put plates and bowls easily without using your hands. Also, this design is simple to make since you don’t have to make the doors. However, you may have to clean your dinnerware more often since they’re easy to dust.

DIY Open Kitchen Cabinet
DIY Open Kitchen Cabinet.

Unique DIY kitchen cabinets

Rustic DIY Kitchen Cabinets Door

Now we moved to a rustic DIY kitchen cabinet. Rustic items like cabinets will bring you a farmhouse look for your lovely kitchen. And, why not? This design is so natural and rustic. Why building this small handcrafted cabinet, don’t throw the leftover wood away since we can use them for the picture frame later.

Rustic DIY Kitchen Cabinet Door
Rustic DIY Kitchen Cabinet Door.

Amazing Chicken Wire Cabinet Door

This is one of the simple DIY kitchen cabinet ideas. The design is basic but convenient for keeping your drinks or pickles. We love the chicken wire part which makes the cabinet nice and interesting! We think it will be a cool way to display a collection of utensils.

Chicken Wire Cabinet Door
Chicken Wire Cabinet Door.

Floating Shelves & Upper Kitchen Cabinets

You like both floating shelves and upper cabinets but have no idea which one to choose? Why don’t you mix them to make beautiful DIY kitchen cabinets? To make them match each other, we suggest you use the same kind of wood and paint color for them both. 

Floating Shelves & Upper Kitchen Cabinets
Floating Shelves & Upper Kitchen Cabinets.

DIY Cabinet Plate Rack

The modern DIY kitchen cabinets is a must-have in your kitchen to help you dry your kitchenware. Also, it is a good way for your to easily classify your plates and bowls. For ones with OCD, this is what you cannot miss in your kitchen!

Cabinet Plate Rack
Cabinet Plate Rack

Apothecary Style Kitchen Cabinet

If you are obsessed with drawers and loves a storage cabinet, this design was born for you. The DIY kitchen cabinets in apothecary-style is no joke. You can store a lot of things and never be worried about a messy kitchen. 

Apothecary Style Kitchen Cabinet
Apothecary Style Kitchen Cabinet.

DIY Kitchen Island

You can use this kitchen cabinet as your simple kitchen island, with just a couple of tools, you’d make this. The cabinet has compartments that can be used to store specific kitchen items. There’s also a compartment to place your microwave.

DIY Kitchen Island
DIY Kitchen Island.

Antique Kitchen Cabinet

You are a person who loves antique stuff? Then you come to the right place. The wooden DIY kitchen cabinets has a vintage style that will bring you the most beautiful memories. 

Antique Kitchen Cabinet
Antique Kitchen Cabinet.

Blue DIY Kitchen Island

Now we move to a design which is very suitable for a big kitchen. It will help you store dinnerware, kitchenware, toaster, your microwave, and other things.

Blue DIY kitchen island
Blue DIY kitchen island.

DIY kitchen cabinets makeover

Grey wooden DIY kitchen cabinets

If your taste is elegance, you will absolutely love this design! We highly recommend this beautiful DIY kitchen cabinets idea for the kitchen with grey as the main color. Before choosing a shade of grey for your cabinet, don’t forget to check if it matches the floor tiles, wall, and other equipment’s color in your kitchen.

Grey wooden DIY kitchen cabinet
Grey wooden DIY kitchen cabinet.

With a grey wooden cabinet and stone table, your kitchen will have a modern and basic look that makes you comfortable every time you walk into the kitchen space. 

Interior painted DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Designed by Arent and Pyke, this DIY kitchen cabinet idea was really beautiful. Most kitchen cabinets in households are painted white inside, hence, the idea of painting a new color inside your cabinet is very interesting. You can choose any color as long as it matches another part of your kitchen.

Interior painted DIY Kitchen Cabinet
Interior painted DIY Kitchen Cabinets.

Magnetic Storage Jar Holder

The next simple DIY kitchen cabinet idea is the magnetic storage jar holder. If you have a kitchen full of bottles of nuts, dry fruit, candy, and pasta like me, you will love this design! However, you should be careful when putting heavy items on the storage to avoid falling off. We suggest not putting too much food in those glass jars.

Magnetic Storage Jar Holder
Magnetic Storage Jar Holder.

Elegant DIY kitchen cabinets

No matter what, elegant style is never out of date. And if you have no clue how to make your kitchen more beautiful and fancy, the white cabinet and glass door will help you with it!

Elegant DIY kitchen cabinet
Elegant DIY kitchen cabinet.

Don’t forget to make your kitchen table white to match the color of your cabinet!

All White handcrafted kitchen cabinet

We did mention a white kitchen cabinet with glass doors, now we move to another design that brings gorgeousness to your kitchen. We all know white is a traditional color for the kitchen since it brings the feel of clean and comfortable.

All White handcrafted kitchen cabinet
All White handcrafted kitchen cabinet.

Though nowadays, we decorate the kitchen with a lot of colors, white is still a favorite of many people. If you get tired of your current kitchen, you can try this all-white kitchen cabinet design to makeover your house decor.  

Glossy DIY Kitchen Cabinets

This DIY kitchen cabinet is not different from other ideas we have gone through except for a layer of a glossy coating on your kitchen cabinet. It not only brings a new appearance to your old furniture but also transforms it into a shiny marvelous one. Just keep your old cabinet and add a glossy coating, you will have the best makeover.

Glossy DIY Kitchen Cabinet
Glossy DIY Kitchen Cabinets.

Black DIY Cabinet Door Makeover

If a white cabinet makes your kitchen elegant, the black one makes your space look luxurious and expensive. It is simple for you to make this step, just apply dark black paint to your cabinet to see its changes. Don’t forget to match the overall color of your kitchen. 

Black DIY Cabinet Door Makeover
Black DIY Cabinet Door Makeover.

DIY Plywood Kitchen Cabinet

Plywood can be used for many kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture, and kitchen cabinets are not an exception. Let’s see how Shara uses Purebond plywood for her do-it-yourself project

DIY Plywood Kitchen Cabinet
DIY Plywood Kitchen Cabinet.

Blue plywood Kitchen Cabinet 

The blue color always makes me feel comfortable and peaceful, and I have that feeling when walking around my kitchen, making a cup of coffee while waiting for my toast to be ready. Hence, a blue-painted DIY kitchen cabinets is perfect. You can paint the wall a white and white countertop for a beautiful looking kitchen. 

Blue plywood Kitchen Cabinet
Blue plywood Kitchen Cabinet.

What do you think about those ideas? Do you find the inspiration to create your own cabinet? Keep following DIY Kitchen Things to get more ideas to decor your lovely house!




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