DIY Kitchen Things
Big coffee mug holder
How to decorate your kitchen with coffee mugs
- March 26, 2021

A coffee mug is not just a cup. Sometimes, it is a birthday gift, a Mother’s day gift, a Father’s day gift, a Christmas gift, or a souvenir from a friend or family member. I love coffee mugs so much that I have already bought 15 mugs as souvenirs from my travel. However, I don’t […]

DIY kitchen cabinets
DIY kitchen cabinets: 25 creative ideas
- March 15, 2021

Have you ever thought of making simple DIY kitchen cabinets yourself? I came up with building my DIY kitchen cabinets when I realized that my cabinet did not match the color tone of my kitchen. If you share the same thinking with me, then it’s time for you to make some makeovers for your lovely […]

personalized aprons
Custom aprons in 10 minutes for craftymen
- March 16, 2013

It’s really much easier to make a personalized apron textile art than you may think, especially with this tutorial. It’s one of the most basic chef apron designs you can make. Which makes it the perfect beginner sewing project? In this article, we love to help you make your unique custom aprons in 10 minutes! […]

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