58 Home DIY ottoman ideas for a charming living room

Do you ever want to create decorative do-it-yourself ottoman chair with your own design and personal style? Are you looking for crafted furniture project ideas with instructions from The Crafty Pioneer? Here we love to recommend you 58 step by step wooden DIY ottoman chair tutorials from many bloggers that will help you out. From modern bench DIY ottoman upholstery, easy DIY ottoman, to gorgeous storage DIY ottoman, you will find several suggestions to brighten up your DIY living room!

DIY ottoman
Nice DIY ottoman for living room

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You can make these easy DIY ottoman artificial objects even on a tight budget! There’s no other piece of furniture so interesting and functional as an ottoman. It can be used just about everywhere at home, from the living room to the bedroom and sometimes even in your bathroom. It can be the perfect central accent piece of the room where all furniture is positioned around. And it can be that handy, comfortable piece by the sofa for many uses.

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Why should we make DIY ottoman upholstery?

I really do love a great DIY project, which is why these ottomans caught my eye. Many of these are so easy to build that you can finish them in just one hour or so. Others may be more complicated and take more time, however, they are definitely going to be worth the extra effort. There are even a few wonderful storage ottomans that give you room to keep all sorts of stuff organized and a great trio of cube ottomans that will give you several extra seating spaces as well as loads of room to put up your feet at the end of the day. 

Making my own furniture is one of my long-lasting hobbies. From pallet couches to handcrafted entertainment centers, if it can be created then I have probably thought about making it myself. This brings me to that wonderful collection of 58 ottomans that you can easily make with your own hands. I enjoy my ottoman and can think of no better way to relax than to place up my feet on my comfy ottoman and read a good novel. If you don’t have an ottoman or you just want to do something special for a change of pace, this is a great collection to get your new inspiration.

do-it-yourself ottoman
Do-it-yourself ottoman

Many of these can be recycled or repurposed, which is nice because we really do like to reuse things, don’t we? From one faux leather piece that is perfect for the formal living room to one ottoman made from an old Army footlocker, there are so many wonderful decorative art DIY ottoman ideas in this collection. You can start from scratch or repurpose old home decor and get a piece that is as unique as it is comfortable. That are even a few ottomans that are perfect for outdoors, which would become wonderfully with these 80 outdoor furniture ideas.

There are many styles and look in which this project can be made, and its use depends on that. But above all, we’d like to introduce you to the idea of craft your very own piece.

If you’re looking to put a bit of charm to your living room and you want something which gives you extra seating options as well, these homemade ottomans are wonderful. Not only are they easy to build or repurpose, but they’re also beautiful, also you can find one that will perfectly match your living room décor, it doesn’t what your personal taste. I can’t wait to hear which of those is your favorite!

How to Make an Ottoman

We’ve researched hundreds of ottoman ideas and plans for an ottoman (we have tried several of them, also. And among all of them, one idea stands out as the easiest. Here our plan:

DIY ottoman ideas
DIY ottoman ideas.

The materials needed:

  • Wood crate
  • 2×4 boards
  • A board of wood
  • Upholstery foam
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Hinges
  • 4” wheels
  • Nails, screws, and wood stain/paint

Read these simple steps to make this ottoman:

  • Cut the 2x4s to match those dimensions of the crate.
  • Attach the 2x4s to the bottom of the crate at each side (these will serve as the base for wheels.)
  • Cut the wood to match the dimensions of the crate (to make a lid/seat.)
  • Cut the foam and fabric to match the lid.
  • Attach the fabric with foam for the plywood board with a staple gun.
  • Attach the hinges to the crate, and then to the lid.
  • Stain or paint the wood to your interest (or leave it as is if you like the raw wood kind).

This is the easiest way to make an ottoman, and it’s very easy-to-do. It looks good in your decor and provides hidden storage space. The only border is that you can only make as many different versions of one crate.

If you want more versatility, you will have to build it from scratch. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make a home DIY ottoman chair which is very well done by us.

For the more adventurous and seasoned DIYersamong you, we will continue to explore quite a few brilliant and cool ottoman ideas.

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Fantastic DIY Ottoman Ideas 

Electric Wire Spool DIY Ottoman furniture

cheap DIY ottoman
Cheap DIY ottoman

Tutorial: Infarrantlycreative

An old electrical wire spool makes the perfect frame for a round ottoman. And by making it, you can be proud of reusing and recycling materials.

Coffee Table Turnover

easy DIY ottoman
Easy DIY ottoman

Source: Newlywedmcgees

You can use an old coffee table as the basis for some fresh new ottoman that will transform the look of your living room actually. As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward.

Upholstered Pallet DIY Ottoman idea

As we know perfectly well, pallet wood makes an amazing material for many DIY ottoman ideas. An ottoman is not an exception, and you could build a remarkable piece of furniture with it.

IKEA Ottoman Hack

cheap DIY ottoman
Cheap DIY ottoman

Source: Apurdylittlehouse

We love IKEA hacks because we can make great things from low-cost standard furniture. Check out how this awesome tufted ottoman is made.

Tufted Handcrafted Storage Ottoman

bench DIY ottoman upholstery
Bench DIY ottoman upholstery.

Tutorial: Sarahsbigidea.com

Storage ottomans are great in their function also style. Such a piece of furniture offers a lot of storage slot as a unit, and it looks good in a room against the wall.

Metal Bucket DIY Ottoman interior design

This DIY project is brilliant because it makes a cute piece of furniture from a simple utility bucket. It’s perfect to enjoy your feet when placed against a sofa or a chair.

Pouf DIY ottoman construction

cheap DIY ottoman
Cheap DIY ottoman

Website: Prettyhandygirl.com

The pouf is a cozy piece of seating, and you can build one yourself too. Here’s a DIY project for a pouf for you to make.

DIY Storage Ottoman

do-it-yourself ottoman
Do-it-yourself ottoman.

Credit: Doityourselfdivas

Need more storage space? Here’s how we can build your own storage ottoman from scratch. Some wood crafting skills are needed, but instructions are included.

Washtub DIY Ottoman upholstery

DIY ottoman chair
DIY ottoman chair.

Website: Redwindstudio

Of all the stuff that can be transformed into an ottoman, a galvanized wash tube is maybe the most surprising. It makes a great rustic accent, though, and we like it.

Recycled Plastic Bottle DIY Ottoman

cheap DIY ottoman
Cheap DIY ottoman.

Via Pinterest.com

This has to become the cheapest material you can build a project from. Can you believe a bunch of plastic bottles and carton is all it takes? And of course, one fabric of your choice to make it pretty.

Repurposed Drawer DIY Ottoman idea

storage DIY ottoman
Storage DIY ottoman.

Credit: Theownerbuildernetwork

An old drawer as the frame makes the piece of furniture gorgeous and whimsical. Try this project for a unique accent piece.

Burlap Sack Handmade Ottoman

easy DIY ottoman
Easy DIY ottoman.

Source: Jennaburger

Use a burlap coffee sack to upholster. It’s some beautiful and warm rustic accent for your decor.

Repurposed Floor Mat DIY Ottoman idea

cheap DIY ottoman
Simple DIY ottoman.

Source: Retropolitanhip

It doesn’t get any more simple than this. Use a floor rug as the perfect material for a pouf.

Oversize Handmade Pouf

DIY ottoman ideas
DIY ottoman ideas for your living room.

Tutorial: Addisonmeadowslane

If we like them big, we can sew this oversize pouf. Just follow these instructions for an easy DIY project.

Round Do-it-yourself Pouf

Source: Bhg

Introducing more looks to your decor is only a good idea. So why not sew that pretty round pouf for your home.

Milk Crate Wood DIY Ottoman Couch

DIY ottoman chair
Creative DIY ottoman chair for you to make yourself.

One vintage metal milk crate makes the perfect place for tired feet in a request of rest. Paired with some striped jute webbing, this ottoman will brighten any space.

Fur-Topped DIY Ottoman Footstool

Nice legs are nice legs, isn’t it? Scour the second-hand stores for a piece with nice legs, and you may be halfway to a sophisticated accent to class up a room. Reupholster that ottoman’s top with some fur, real or faux, for a touch of cosmopolitan and luxury.

Tire and Rope DIY Ottoman artificial object

Tutorial: Thatwasawhat.

Far too many things end up in landfills. Repurpose a tire by turning it into a multifunctional ottoman. Covering the tire in rope and adding some legs produces a part no one will believe was once a tire.

IKEA-Hack Fabric DIY Ottoman consumer goods

Some new legs and a fresh swatch of fabric can turn a run-of-the-mill Ikea ottoman into a unique and fully functional cocktail-sized centerpiece.

Upholstered Handcrafted Storage Ottoman idea

Building your storage is ideal as you can customize it to space and storage needs. Upholster it with some lovely fabric, and you own an aesthetically pleasing and entirely practical DIY storage ottoman.

DIY ottoman ideas
DIY ottoman ideas.

Creative Rug Home DIY Ottoman pouf

wood DIY ottoman
Wood DIY ottoman.

Tutorial: Schoolofdecorating.com

Reupholstering with leather to give it an entirely new appearance is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new piece. Thinking outside the box, also using a rug as an alternative to the pricey fabric can bring your ottoman just a look you are after without the expensive price tag.

High Pouf Footrest

In decorating, there is quite simply always a solution. Making your pouf is easier than it seems and can give you the only look and size you are after. Covering it with some bright stunning fabric will add just the right pop of color to your space.

Crate do-it-yourself Storage Ottoman

Tutorial: rescueddesign.wordpress.com

Wood crates are all the rage in a world of repurposing. Adding some caster wheels on the bottom make it wonderful for non-carpeted floors. A nice upholstered surface makes it as comfortable as that is functional.

Structured Living room DIY Ottoman

Do-it-yourself living room decor
Do-it-yourself living room decor.

Tutorial: Makingniceinthemidwest

If you have some sewing savvy, one pouf could be your next project. Ideal for customizing to your area, your pouf ottoman is cushy and unique, with fabric hand-picked to enhance the around the area.

Cube Pouf Footstool

Tutorial: homedit.com

Poufs are perfect for DIYers. They are just versatile furniture pieces as they can be used as a foot-rest, a tiny seat, or even as a handy-dandy accent. They are also easy for relocating throughout the home. For small spaces, the pouf ottoman is necessary.

Tufted Coffee Table

DIY ottoman table for living room
DIY ottoman table for living room.

Tutorial: Misformama

The world of repurposing is a whimsical and surprising one. Anything can become anything else with a little imagination and ingenuity. Making a table into an ottoman is perfect to achieve the look of one large-scale cocktail piece, without the hefty price tag.

Leather DIY Storage Ottoman idea

Leather DIY ottoman
Leather DIY ottoman.

Tutorial: Realitydaydream

Some skills with the power tools, imagination, and creativity can help you in creating a leather-upholstered tufted storage ottoman all your guests will be jealous of.

Upholstered Room DIY Ottoman architecture

Simple do-it-yourself funiture.
Simple do-it-yourself funiture.

Tutorial: Juniperhome

Painting or spraying the legs and adding one upholstered surface takes a little time but produces a significant result.

Upholstered Nice DIY Ottoman Idea

Handmade DIY ottoman upholstery
Handmade DIY ottoman upholstery.

Tutorial: Designsponge

Ottomans are incredibly versatile furniture pieces. They can be made as tables, seats, or footrests. Most often, all you will need is one staple gun, hand saw, and one glue gun to create your special upholstered centerpiece.

Moroccan DIY Ottoman Craft

DIY Ottoman for living room
DIY Ottoman for living room.

Tutorial: Bhg

The best thing about being one DIYer that you can execute precisely what your vision is. If it is a funk and whimsy thing you want to add to your space, one recycled DIY ottoman upholstered in a bright and bold fabric is exactly what you love.

Salvaged Spool in Plaid Lumber DIY Ottoman architectural design

Credit: Designsponge.com

Wooden spools are very multi-functional as accent ottomans. Covering one with padding and fabric and adding some legs could take it from ‘spool’ to ‘cool’ in a New York minute.

Recycled Suitcase DIY Ottoman coffee table

Recycled Suitcase DIY Ottoman coffee table
Recycled Suitcase DIY Ottoman coffee table.

Tutorial: Silverpennyinhershoe

This is an exciting one. Haven’t you found those super cool vintage suitcases at your local thrift shop and thought, “What actually could I do with that, and why do I want that?” Add some added legs, those suitcases can become a cool and unique storage ottoman chair, via the handle, is extremely easy to relocate around the home.

Gorgeous Faux Fur Stool DIY Ottoman Crafts

Building your small stool is pretty simple. Taking it one step further and turning it into a functional ottoman is one fun and simple project for most DIYers to enjoy. Add some nice fur to the top for a splash of texture and luxury.

Farmhouse Up-cycling DIY Ottoman idea


Farmhouse Up-cycling DIY Ottoman idea
Farmhouse Up-cycling DIY Ottoman idea.

Source: Blesserhouse

Turning a decadent table into an ottoman is a fabulous way to repurpose furniture into a statement piece. If you are looking for a cocktail-sized centerpiece, this makes the perfect base.

Faux Leather Bedroom DIY Ottoman Craft

Faux Leather Bedroom DIY Ottoman Craft
Faux Leather Bedroom DIY Ottoman Craft.

Source: Lovelyindeed

For a touch of funk, adding a gold-colored faux leather accent may get you there. It’s incredible how a cube of bling can liven up your room. A cube-size faux leather ottoman is a great project for a craftsman.

Repurposed Army Footlocker DIY Ottoman Couch 

Army Footlocker DIY Ottoman Couch 
Footlocker DIY ottoman couch.

Tutorial: Instructables

Most anything can be repurposed toa functional ottoman. An army footlocker can be the ideal size, plus the side handles make it easy to move around. Add some fabric and padding then voila!

Tufted Fabric DIY Ottoman Chair

Fabric DIY Ottoman Chair
Fabric DIY Ottoman Chair.

Tutorial: Younghouselove

Few things add such one touch of sophistication as a tufted fabric surface. Transforming a table into a tufting masterpiece is a DIYers dream.

Upcycled Pallet DIY Ottoman chair

Tutorial: Domesticsuperhero

Pallets are one great source of inexpensive wood for DIY projects. Adding some legs, cushioning, and fabric can turn a seemingly useless pallet into an ottoman that will become a conversation piece.

Round Pallet French Industrial Crate DIY Ottoman 

Tutorial: Homemadelovely

One replicated round pallet makes the perfect base to customize into a French beautiful ottoman. Some metal casters, stain, fabric, and padding synergize to become eventual in industrial chic.

Repurposed Table DIY Ottoman Construction

Credit: Wouldntitbelovely

Don’t throw out your old coffee table just yet. With some imagination, fabric, and the DIY spirit, that can be transformed into a plush ottoman.

Home DIY Ottoman on Wheels

One piece of furniture on wheels is a great feature to have, especially in tiny spaces. Being able to move it around easily is a great addition to the project. So get those wheels from a hardware shop and stick them to your ottoman.

DIY Storage Ottoman for Kids

DIY Storage Ottoman for Kids
DIY Storage Ottoman for Kids.

Website: Chaoticallycreative

Keeping the kids’ toys stored away in an attractive storage box is great. And that’s even better if it doubles as seating or a table surface. Let’s turn it fun and practical!

DIY Storage Ottoman for Kids

DIY Storage Ottoman for Kids
DIY Storage Ottoman for Kids.

Storage cubes make a cool decor piece and accent. The modern style is attractive and the small architecture is practical. So this is a great project idea if that’s what you love.

DIY footrest

This project is simple and brilliant in that all that takes is a wooden box to create a footstool. It comes along with storage too. You always need more of that. One word – awesome!

DIY footrest

Do you know what you can make from a simple plastic bucket? One perfect decorative footstool. It’s so simple, it’s one of those things we wish we thought about ourselves before.

Rustic DIY Storage Ottoman

Rustic DIY Storage Ottoman
Rustic DIY Storage Ottoman.

Via: Lifestorage.com

You know that you need another rustic piece in your decor so here it is. The raw look of the wood and the lovely repurposed legs make your project very attractive. And it comes with good storage inside.

Metal DIY Ottoman idea

The metal base makes this unit a little more difficult to make (it requires welding). But if that’s in your skillset, it’s a brilliant idea to tackle. This particular idea comes with a whimsical coffee sack upholstery also.

Wood DIY Ottoman Storage Bench

Site: Tdadecoratinganddesign

A long bench for an ottoman with storage is a brilliant piece of furniture to have at home (more so for making). You can put it anywhere – from the entryway to your bedroom. Where will you put yours?

Small DIY Ottoman Coffee Table

Need something simple and small like this little upholstered ottoman coffee table? That makes an easy project indeed. But don’t underestimate the decor value it owns!

Large DIY Ottoman Coffee Table

Large DIY Ottoman Coffee Table
Large DIY Ottoman Coffee Table.

Larger living rooms may need a piece of big accent furniture too. So if you need an oversize ottoman, this can be one of those ideas you can try. Let’s check it out!

Wood Lumber DIY Ottoman idea

This is something you can make entirely of wood. It’s an interesting project to tackle if you’re into woodworking. It has a nice padding-top, also ample storage inside.

Cheap DIY Ottoman Couch

The whole idea of a handmade project is to keep your costs low. And this idea takes this to a next level – you will build it for as little as $12.

Round DIY Storage Ottoman

The round shape is classic for this type of home decor. And of course, it needs to have storage. So this lovely project is definitely something to consider doing yourself.

Lumber DIY Ottoman Table

That piece of furniture is big enough for any larger room. It’s a nice table at a lower height. Indeed, this particular idea is made from a real table.

Unique DIY Ottoman Chair

Unique DIY Ottoman Chair
Unique DIY Ottoman Chair

Image: Papernstitchblog

This is a really unique ottoman project that you can make to inject character into your decor. This great idea makes use of quirky pom-poms. It’s a great pouf to add to the kids’ room as well.

DIY Floor Pouf

DIY Floor Pouf
DIY Floor Pouf

Image: Designsponge

A pouf you can keep on the floor as extra seating is not only one inexpensive option, it’s easy to make too. Here’s how.

End-of-Bed Woodworking DIY Ottoman Couch 

Woodworking DIY Ottoman Couch 
Woodworking DIY Ottoman Couch

Source: Ana-white

We’ve talked about the versatility of this type of furniture and that project is proof of it. It’s an excellent option for the bedroom for keeping at the end of the bed. It works as a storage table as well as seating space.

Here are 58 creative DIY ottoman ideas that you can use to improve your interior design and home architecture with handcrafted constructions. Do you think they are helpful? Don’t be shy to share with us and keep following thecraftypioneer.com for more home décor ideas








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