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If you haven’t heard the term “Furniture Black Friday” or “Furniture Saturday” you have never been truly alive. What’s more, it’s a holiday that happens every year. This year I will be celebrating the fact that it is coming up to my birthday by hosting a giveaway.

The reason I want to celebrate my birthday with so much passion is because I have a lot of friends who are super excited about the fact that the new furniture will be on sale and it is going to be affordable. I am in no way affiliated with the sellers of these pieces and the event really is all about the buyers of these pieces. This is a chance to get some great deals, especially for those who are looking for a new set of furniture.

As a person who is super into vintage, the idea of buying furniture from the future is really exciting. I’d love to see a new collection of vintage furniture for sale on the first day of the year, and as soon as it hits the shelves I’m going to get back to decorating.

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