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If the idea of a goose hollow furniture makes you want to scream, then you are in for a shock to your system. Goose hollow furniture isn’t something new. A few years back, we had to replace a whole section of furniture in the kitchen. That’s right, the goose hollow furniture section was a giant, empty space. It took two weeks to rip out the old wooden flooring and install new, solid flooring.

I think it was a good time to update it, because at least they fixed the gaping hole in the floor (with a new piece of flooring, probably). The only downside is that they decided to put the furniture in the kitchen. I think you can still sit in a goose hollow, but the kitchen is pretty awkward.

Goose hollows are also known as goose-cave furniture. They are usually found in bathrooms, where they look like an upside down, cack-filled glass bowl. They are also often found in other rooms, but they are usually kept in the kitchen. I’ve seen them in the kitchen of a few of my parents’ friends, so hopefully they will make it onto the show.

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