How to Make DIY Pantry Shelves At Home

Unless you don’t care about some things, having an organized home is not a solution. A pantry shelf, whether in the kitchen, hallway, or mudroom, is one way to organize your stuff.

Here are a few DIY pantry shelves ideas for you to explore. Considerable ones are simple to construct, but others may necessitate some woodworking expertise. Anyway, take a peek around and make your closet appear brand new again.

DIY Rustic Pantry Shelf

Rustic Pantry Shelf
Rustic Pantry Shelf

You do not need to be a skilled woodworker to construct this shelf. You’re good to go with easy wall mounting techniques.

The shelf is both rustic and functional. It’s composed entirely of plywood and a few pieces of wood.

After drilling the wood strips into the wall, you’ll arrange the plywood on top of them. Screws will be used to hold the plywood in place.

Painting the shelves gives them a more elegant and lovely appearance. After that, your stuff will no longer appear messy.

DIY Unique Custom Pantry Shelf

Custom Pantry Shelf
Custom Pantry Shelf

Is there a restricted amount of room in your home? Or perhaps you want pantry shelves that are one-of-a-kind? You may be able to use a shelf that is not organized in the same way as the standard floating board organization.

There are three columns, but the central one features shelves and drawers. The drawers are what make this pantry stand out.

It’s not difficult to put the drawers in place. What you’ll need to do is double-check that your measurements are correct.

The white paint gives it a refined look. And you will see worth in every part of it whenever you look at it. It’s a small space, but it’s stylish.

DIY Sliding Doors Pantry Shelves

Sliding Doors Pantry Shelves
Sliding Doors Pantry Shelves

Unique pantry shelves may not be more expensive than what you already have. So, if you have a wall that is devoid of windows, these shelves could be installed there.

The shelves can have or not have doors. However, the pantry shelves in our photo have sliding doors. Anyone who sees the Z-shaped hardware will want to take a second look. They are the center of attention.

The doors are really convenient, especially if you don’t want your belongings to collect dust and dirt. Remember, this is just a pantry shelf that runs the length of the room. Only the doors are different.

DIY Freestanding Pantry Shelves

Freestanding Pantry Shelves
Freestanding Pantry Shelves

It’s possible that you don’t have a pantry in your home. You won’t be able to come up with one based just on that.

A free-standing pantry shelf is here for you if you want something with a little more personality. All you’ll need are a few pieces of wood to construct the stand. The shelves are made from other wooden pieces, and you’re ready to go.

DIY Floating Pantry Shelves

Floating Pantry Shelves
Floating Pantry Shelves

Have you always wanted floating shelves in your pantry but have been put off by the corners?

Working on those corners can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. However, if you attempt to construct the shelves, you will appreciate your efforts.

The corners add to the floating effect and give it a nice appeal. If you want a cleaner look, you’ll want to pay attention to sanding, priming, and panting.

What do you have to say about these measures? They all look fantastic, and deciding which one to choose could be difficult. But, in any case, don’t be afraid to try one or two.

If you already have one in your pantry, you can remold it to give it a more elegant appearance.

Allow these DIY pantry shelves to put an end to feeling embarrassed to show your guests your pantry.

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