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Our furniture is our first line of defense. Most of the time the furniture we own has been in our homes for years. Sometimes we are in our early 20s and haven’t spent any time in our homes. Even though it has been years, it is still very much in our homes and is still there for us when we need it.

Your furniture can be pretty much anything from a good book to a nice table with a chair with some pictures. If you’ve really got a piece of furniture that is in the form of a chair, it can really be a good idea to have your furniture on a table. But if it’s a table, it’s better to use your chair as a table.

I have quite a few furniture dressers on the market, and I have yet to find one that is an exact match. But if you do, I would say get that one that looks good with its matching chair. You’ll want to keep it clean though. If you have a home full of pieces of furniture that dont match up, you are putting yourself at a greater risk of having something break, fall over, or break in half.

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