The Ultimate Purple Neon Aesthetic Checklist.

purple neon

What is purple neon aesthetic?

Purple neon aesthetic is a combination of purples, neons and pastels. It uses vivid shades of purple and blue on a light background to create an energetic mood. It can also feature pure white, but with hints of pastel or neon hues. This wallpaper style is primarily used to create a gaming, cyberpunk or sci-fi vibe. In this article we will go over different uses of purple neon aesthetic, some of its variations and examples. All the wallpapers in this article can be downloaded for free on or Unsplash.

What is the use of purple neon aesthetic?

Purple is a bold color that is used as a main background or as an accent color. Most of the times it is paired with neon colors and light colors. Purple neon aesthetic can create an energetic atmosphere, or futuristic mood. It is a great choice for someone looking to create a space-inspired interior design, or a gaming room. It can also be used in minimalist colors to create a feminine atmosphere. If you are organizing an event and planning to use purple, make sure you use some other colors besides purple and white – otherwise your guests will find it difficult to focus on anything else.

What are the advantages of purple neon aesthetic?

Purple has a calming effect on the mind. It is linked to creativity and spirituality. It can also increase productivity and inspiration. In case you are short on time, it is easier to create something with purple than with bright colors or neon since they don’t require much effort. This color is easy on the eye and doesn’t cause eyestrain.

Where can you use purple neon aesthetic?

The most common use of it is the gaming room, where you can use it to create a futuristic or cyberpunk atmosphere or just a cybernetic theme. It can also be used as an accent color in a minimalist interior design.

Which colors go well with purple neon aesthetic?

Purple is often paired with some form of blue. Which intensifies its energy. So always make sure they are present in the design. Light blues and pastels go great with purple, making the effect more soft and friendly. This combination works well for an office environment, where lots of sunlight must be present during work hours to stimulate creativity.

What are its disadvantages?

Purple can be hard to combine with other colors, as it is a very bold choice. It is usually paired with more muted colors. But if you are looking to create a feminine design or something more subtle. You might have to work harder than usual.

How can you create purple neon aesthetic?

To create a purple neon aesthetic wall or background, you will need Photoshop. You will also need some clipart in the form of vector images or stock photos that are in high resolution. To do this, open Photoshop and go to File > Import > Clip Art Library > Open Type Clip Art Library > Purple Neon Aesthetic 2 (.cst file). Select the elements from there and drag them into your canvas. Create a layer on top of them and use a blending mode like Multiply. To get the desired effect, lower the opacity to 80-90%. You can also add a faded layer underneath by using some neon or pastel colors. If you want to create a 3D effect, don’t forget that 3D models need shadows as well!


Purple is a bold color that is used to create an energetic atmosphere. It works great as main or accent color, and is easy on the eye. You can use it in an office environment, or create a gaming room with a futuristic or cyberpunk theme. The most common use of purple neon aesthetic is the gaming room, where you can create a futuristic or cyberpunk atmosphere or just a cybernetic theme. If you use it as main background color you will have to add some other colors to balance the design and make it more neutral, but if you want to make it more feminine you might have to work harder than usual.

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