How to make throw pillows for a creative living room

Is your sofa lacking snacks? Is your seating area boring? Is that armchair uncomfortably bare? Then this How to make throw pillows instruction is made for you! Sewing throw pillows and couch throw pillows are a great addition to any piece of decoration. And they’re so easy to make! So why don’t you try making some decorative throw pillow crafting to improve your DIY living room and interior design. In this article, we will help you make DIY throw pillows, and recommend some throw pillow ideas.

Materials to make your throw pillows: 

You will need to prepare a kit of sewing tools to make a handmade sofa pillow:


DIY sewing tool
Prepare sewing tools to make your throw pillows.
  • Sewing machine 
  • Needle and thread 
  • Trim (optional)
  • Fabric (any size, any shape, any kind) 
  • Fluff or stuffing or cushioning, whatever suits your fancy. (the DIY throw pillows crafts featured here were filled with bean bag foam, but you can use anything) 
  • Dressmaker pins (any basic sewing pins) 
  • Scissors 

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How to make throw pillows step-by-step

1st: Cut your fabric 

You can use anything, and I mean anything. A body part of a t-shirt, an old tablecloth, any scraps of fabric you have. We used some scraps I had leftover from making some wall hangings. 

Firstly, we divide two squares of the same size. Any size you would like, just be certain you have enough material to make two pieces. 

DIY throw pillows - cutting the fabric
Cut the fabric for sewing throw pillows. Source: Instructables.

You could even cut one different shape than a square. star-shaped, triangle, cloud, and blob? anything you may like! use your imagination. I loveto use shapes with straight edges since they’re much easier to sew. 

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2nd: Trim it (optional) 

In case you want your handmade throw pillow textile to be fancy, or pretentious, or funky, or gorgeous, you might want to add some trim. And don’t worry, even if you skip that step, your crafted pillow sewing will still be awesome!

You can find this material at craft stores. It comes with tassels, baubles, beads, strings, lace, etc. You can choose anything you like! Make sure it has a woven band on aside, this is to help with sewing it into the seams of your how to make throw pillow decorated art. If you’re more advanced in sewing, feel free to use anything of trim, just alter these instructions to what you need.

Calculate couch throw pillow size
Measuring your decorative throw pillows.
  • First of all, you need to calculate all the sides of one of your pieces. This is how much trim you should need. It’s also good to purchase about 3 inches more than you need. 
  • Then, get yourself some crazy trim! This is an exciting shopping adventure, there are so many choices. 
  • At the end, pin the trim around the edges of the home DIY throw pillow manufacturing (see next step) 

3rd: Pin Your Seams! 

With trim: (a bit complicated) 

This is going to take some patience with focus. It’s all worth it in the end. 

To beginning, you need to decide which side is the back and which side is the front on both pieces. Then, you put the fronts together, front to front, matching up the edges and lay your fabric out on a flat surface. 

Next, you flip up the edge of a top piece of fabric, so you can see about one inch or two of the bottom piece and place your trim along the side of the bottom piece of fabric, the woven band along the edge. You should leave one half of an inch of trim sticking out from the fabric at the corner. 

After that, you replace the top part of the fabric, making sure to realign the edges while pinning the corner with the extra trim. Make sure you go through all three layers. When you can be sure everything is lined up, then pin about a few inches in from the other corner. (this allows you wiggle room to make the next edge) 

In this step, you pin along the edge. With trim, we recommend measuring at least every inch since we don’t want this stuff to wiggle totally while we start sewing. When you get to the other corner, readjust the fabric, turn it so that the part you are about to pin is facing you. 

Flip up the edge of the top piece of fabric, so you can see about an inch or two of the bottom part. Now the corners can be tricky, you may want to glance at that pictures. We call this the Pinch & Pull technique: pinch the trim in the corner. It will make a fold. Then pull the trim up to the edge of the woven band at the corner. The fold we just made should be at the outer edge of the woven band at the corner of the edge you just pinned. 

How to make throw pillows
Add the seam to your decorative throw pillow ideas.

NOTE: If your DIY throw pillow is one square or rectangle, the whole strand of trim should be in the 90-degree angle right at the corner. If it is a different appearance, adjust how far you pull the fold across, the trim should follow the border of your shape. 

Then, you should pin in the trim to the bottom layer of your fabric. Make sure the trim stays in your Pinch & Pull formation before place your trim along the side of the bottom part of the fabric, the woven band along the edge. Replace the top part of the fabric, making sure to realign the edges and pin the corner to make sure you go through all three layers. 

Make sure everything is lined up, then pin about 2 inches in from the next corner, along the edge. When you get to the last edge, leave about a half of it unpinned. This is so you can stuff your throw pillow industrial design after we sew it. 

Without Trim: (easy to do)

If you aren’t using trim, that step will be quick and easy. I’ve even done this version with children as young as 4. (depending on their age, I actually pin that, but they point to where they want the pins to go next, so it’s completely their project, you’re just handling the sharp stuff.) 

  • Decide which part is the back and which side is the front on both sides. 
  • Put the fronts together, front to front, matching up the edges. 
  • Lay your fabric out on a flat surface. 
  • Pin along the border. I recommend putting a pin every 2 inches, but you can use a bit more or less, depending on how comfortable you are sewing. If you don’t have much experience, the more pins, the better. 
  • When you mark the last edge, Leave about half unpinned. This is so you can cushion your throw pillow handicraft arts after you sew it. 

4th: Sew your DIY throw pillows 

  • Sew the edges of the throw pillow sewing industrial design. Make sure to use a color of thread similar to that color of your fabric. 
  • If you use a sewing machine, I recommend some zig-zag stitch. but a straight stitch will be fine too. 
  • Sew along your inner edge of the woven band on your trim (if you don’t use trim, sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. A seam allowance is that measurement from the edge of the fabric to where you want the sewing machine to stitch the fabric.) 
  • Just treat each straight edge as one straight line. and make sure to backstitch at the beginning and final.
  • Let that half-edge (that you didn’t pin) open and un-sewn. 
Sewing throw pillows
Sew your throw pillows with sewing machine.

5th: Filling Your Throw Pillow domestic implement! 

Take all your pins out. Then, flip your throw pillow craft inside out. (Or rather, outside out.) so that the fronts of your pillow are turning outside, and you can see the trim. Awesome!

Remember that half border you left un-sewn? this is where it comes in handy. 

Fill your cushion with fluffy stuff, foam, whatever you found that makes your pillow, well, a do-it-yourself throw pillow. I don’t recommend rocks or sharp objects. 😉 

How to make throw pillows
Stuff your DIY throw pillows with cotton.

(If you’re going to use Styrofoam or anything messy, we STRONGLY recommend you fill and finish sewing it outside rolex replica watches. and then vacuum everything off before we bring it inside. Or do it in a very confined area, we are not very Type A personality, so I don’t mind mess and clean-up, however, if you do, you may want to stick with craft stuffing.) 

6th: Complete Sewing 

Once your sewing throw pillow decorated arts is stuffed to your liking, the open border must be hand-sewn. You can use a machine, but you’ll have to stitch across the very edge, or it will leave a weird tab along this part. 


  • Fold the edges of the fabric inside as much as it takes to keep the edge of your pillow straight. make it even with a seam 
  • Tuck in the woven band of the trim. Make sure the little extra inch you left at the beginning is tucked also. 
  • Pin across the edge to the corner. 
  • Sew. 
comple your DIY throw pillows
Finish sewing your decorative throw pillow ideas.

No Trimming: 

  • Fold the edges of the fabric inside as much as it takes to hold the edge of your throw pillow straight. 
  • Pin across the edge for the corner. 
  • Sew.  
  • Then your Awesome Throw Pillow craft is finished! 

7th: Throw Your Pillow! 

TADA! Now your chair/ couch/ bean bag/ floor isn’t drab any longer! It’s like magic… Awesome Magic.

couch throw pillows
Start using your throw pillows.

Customized throw pillow ideas

Handcrafted throw pillows are great ideas to create your home decor in your style. However, it may be too difficult and complicated for a beginner to make. Hence, we love to recommend some customized throw pillows to help you with your living room decoration. 

What do you think about our How to make throw pillows instructions? Don’t be shy to share your opinions with The Crafty Pioneer and keep follow us for more decorative ideas for your centerpiece!

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