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Bhumi Jankari Bihar: Land Record Information and Updates

Land is a valuable asset that has been a source of wealth, power, and security for centuries. In India, owning land is not just about having a place to live or work, but it also provides a sense of identity and belonging. However, maintaining accurate and up-to-date land records is crucial to ensuring property rights, preventing land disputes, and promoting efficient land use.

In Bihar, the Bhumi Jankari system has been implemented to provide citizens with land record information and updates. This digital platform allows individuals to access details about land ownership, land area, land type, property rights, survey number, and more. Through the Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal, residents can verify land records, apply for mutations, and conduct land transactions online.

Understanding Bhumi Jankari Bihar

The Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal is an initiative by the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Government of Bihar, to digitize land records and ensure transparency in land dealings. This online platform offers a wide range of services related to land records, making it easier for citizens to manage their property matters.

Key Features of Bhumi Jankari Bihar

  1. Land Record Search: Individuals can search for land records by providing details such as district, subdivision, mouza, plot number, etc.

  2. Mutation Application: Residents can apply for mutations (changes in land records due to buying, selling, inheritance, etc.) online through the portal.

  3. Online Payment: The portal allows for online payment of fees for land-related services, making the process convenient and efficient.

  4. Document Verification: Users can verify property documents and check for authenticity through the Bhumi Jankari Bihar platform.

  5. Encumbrance Certificate: Citizens can obtain encumbrance certificates online to verify if the property is free from any monetary or legal liabilities.

  6. Map View: The portal offers a map view feature to visualize land parcels and related information for better understanding.

How to Access Bhumi Jankari Bihar

  1. Visit the official Bhumi Jankari Bihar website.

  2. Select the desired service from the menu options.

  3. Enter the required details such as district, mouza, plot number, etc.

  4. Verify the information and proceed to make payments, if applicable.

  5. Save or print the generated documents for future reference.

Benefits of Bhumi Jankari Bihar

  • Transparency: The digitalization of land records promotes transparency and reduces the chances of fraud or manipulation.

  • Convenience: Residents can access land information and services online without the need to visit government offices.

  • Time-saving: The online platform saves time by providing quick access to land records and related services.

  • Accuracy: Digitized records are less prone to errors and can be easily verified for authenticity.

  • Efficiency: Land transactions and administrative processes are streamlined through the Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is Bhumi Jankari Bihar?

Bhumi Jankari Bihar is an online platform that provides land record information and services to the residents of Bihar.

  1. How can I search for land records on Bhumi Jankari Bihar?

You can search for land records by entering details like district, subdivision, mouza, plot number, etc., on the portal.

  1. What is a mutation application, and how can I apply for it online?

Mutation application is a request to make changes in land records. You can apply for mutations online through the Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal.

  1. Is online payment available on the Bhumi Jankari Bihar platform?

Yes, residents can make online payments for land-related services on the portal.

  1. Can I obtain an encumbrance certificate through Bhumi Jankari Bihar?

Yes, you can obtain an encumbrance certificate online to verify the financial and legal status of a property.

In conclusion, the Bhumi Jankari Bihar portal plays a crucial role in promoting transparency, efficiency, and convenience in land-related matters. By leveraging digital technology, the Government of Bihar has taken a significant step towards simplifying land record management and ensuring property rights for its citizens. It is essential for residents to utilize this online platform for accessing accurate land information and availing of various services for hassle-free property transactions.

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