Get a Daybed that Doubles as a Sofa


The functionality offered by daybeds is what makes them so popular. They double as sofas and beds, and many come with space underneath the frame. That space is used as storage or for an additional mattress. The beds come in various styles and materials, so it’s important to know the different features offered and what aspects to look for as you shop. It should be suited for the room it’s being placed in, so let’s look at some of the ways you can use one in your home. 

Daybeds are often found in guestrooms. They provide seating for your guests and give them a place to lounge, read, or watch tv during their visit. When it’s time to turn in for the night, the dual piece of furniture becomes a bed. There’s no need for extra gadgets to convert it into a bed, which makes it perfect for elderly guests. It also doesn’t take up any extra space, so you can easily fit other needed furniture in the room.

Offices are another place where you’ll find a daybed. Whether it’s your home office or office outside the home, these beds work well in the space. Clients coming in have comfortable seating as they wait for you to see them. If you get a little drowsy, a daybed sofa is where you’ll go to take that power nap and get reenergized. Look over files and other paperwork from the coziness of the bed instead of sitting at your desk all day. Having one in the office will help alleviate stress. 

Daybeds are designed for kids’ rooms as well. Canopy-styled beds with fabric draped over the sleeping area make great forts for your child to play in. Get one with a trundle, and your child’s playmate will have their own bed when they sleepover. They’ll have hours of fun before it’s time to go to sleep, and it won’t be hard to convince them to go to bed.

Choose a material that works best for your lifestyle. If you plan to have the daybed for a number of years, you want one that’s durable. Genuine wood is the most sturdy material you will find, and since it’s commonly used, you’ll find a wide variety of styles. Daybeds with wood frames are more often used as a sofa, and they blend seamlessly with the existing furniture. Metal daybed frames are the ones used more for sleeping. 

Upholstered daybeds are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Insert a bold, brightly colored daybed in a neutral room to add character and depth to the space. It’s a focal point that will really stand out and draw interest to the room. 

Select a style that works with the décor you currently have. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or modern, you’ll find a daybed to match your tastes. Dress it up with quality bedding, and you’ll be happy with the choice you’ve made.  

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