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How to Access Services on

Are you a resident of Bihar, India, looking to access important services online through the state government’s official portal, In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the various services available on the website and how you can easily navigate through them to avail the benefits offered by the government.

Understanding is the official website of the Government of Bihar. It serves as a one-stop platform for citizens to access a wide range of government services and information. The website is designed to provide easy access to essential services, schemes, applications, and resources for the residents of Bihar. Users can find information related to departments, policies, government orders, notifications, tenders, and more.

Navigating the Website

Upon visiting, you will find a user-friendly interface with various options to explore. Here’s how you can access services on the website effectively:

  1. Home Page: The home page of provides a quick overview of the latest updates, news, and links to popular services. You can navigate through the menu items at the top of the page to explore different categories of services.

  2. Services Section: Look for a dedicated section on the website that is specifically labeled as “Services” or “Online Services.” This section typically contains a list of all the services available for online access.

  3. Search Bar: Utilize the search bar on the website to directly look for specific services or information. By entering keywords related to the service you need, you can quickly find relevant pages and links.

  4. Department-wise Services: organizes services based on different government departments. You can browse through the departments listed on the website to find services provided by a specific department.

Popular Services on

Here are some of the common services that you can access on

1. Online Application Forms

You can find various online application forms for government schemes, scholarships, certifications, and licenses on the website. Simply navigate to the “Forms” section to access and fill out the required forms.

2. E-Gazette Notifications

Stay updated on government orders, notifications, and announcements by accessing the e-Gazette section on the website. This section provides important information issued by the government.

3. Payment Services offers online payment services for various government fees, taxes, and services. You can securely make payments through the website using different payment options.

4. Citizen Services

Explore a range of citizen-centric services such as birth and death certificates, caste certificates, ration card services, and more. These services are designed to cater to the common needs of residents.

Steps to Access Services

To access services on, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Website: Open your web browser and go to

  2. Explore Services: Navigate through the different sections or use the search bar to find the specific service you require.

  3. Registration/Login: Some services may require you to register on the website or log in using your credentials. Create an account if needed.

  4. Fill Forms or Applications: For services that involve forms or applications, fill them out accurately with the required information.

  5. Submit Documents: Upload any necessary documents as per the guidelines provided for the service.

  6. Payment (if applicable): If the service requires a fee, proceed to make the payment securely through the website.

  7. Track Progress: Some services allow you to track the status of your application online. Keep track of the progress through the provided tracking tools.

  8. Download Certificates or Documents: Once your request is processed, you can download any certificates or documents generated through the service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I register on to access services?
    To register on, visit the website and look for the registration option. Provide the required details to create your account.

  2. Are all services on free of cost?
    While many services on the website are free, some may involve fees or charges. Check the specific service requirements for details on payments.

  3. Can I track the status of my application on
    Yes, some services offer the feature to track the status of your application online. Look for the tracking option after submitting your request.

  4. What should I do if I encounter technical issues while accessing services?
    If you face technical difficulties, you can reach out to the support team provided on the website for assistance. They can help resolve your issues.

  5. Is my personal information secure when using services?
    The website takes necessary measures to ensure data security and privacy. It is recommended to follow safe online practices while using the services.

Enhance your convenience and access to government services by utilizing the online platform of Stay informed about the latest updates, schemes, and initiatives offered by the Government of Bihar through this centralized portal. Start exploring the services today to make the most of the digital governance system in the state.

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