Types of business software

business software

Nowadays, it is essential to gain actionable insights into back and front office functions, but also enhance operational efficiency. Luckily, we are able to do this simply by automating the processes thanks to the plethora of business application software available on the market. The studies show that users want either big data analysis or automated technology that saves time. 

The main idea behind using business software is to optimize workflow and decrease time spent on demanding repetitive tasks. This leads to an increase in profits and expansion, and all this is thanks to accessing data reports and enhanced productivity. 

Human Resource Information Systems 

One study shows that businesses, on a global level, lose approximately $5 trillion annually on administrative processes. This study told us that employees that work in offices are spending about 70 days per year on repetitive, administrative tasks that can be completely automated. Considering that HR is one of the most important aspects in almost any type of business, implementing software that can deal with clerical tasks is very important. 

Through HRIS, you can monitor and automate your payrolls, training, record keeping, employee onboarding, recruitment, and many more. Digital documentation is also worth mentioning since you won’t have to deal with all the paperwork and pages of white paper ever again if you opt for software that does all of the mentioned above. You can find out more about this type of software and the reviews at: Truely.com

Inventory Control

Systems that monitor turnover rates, updates, and stock levels have become one of the standardized business solutions in the past years. Additionally, these can also automate cycle counts and show real-time quantities on all items in your possession. As you may guess, this means that you won’t need to hire an employee that will manually record, cross-examine stock, and county all the items that you have. 

This is even more important if you have items in multiple locations. Saving money and time is necessary if you want your business to grow, and an ICS can be of great use for that. In addition, this type of software is usually able to alert you if there is a discrepancy or an error with something in your stock. Therefore, the warehouse management can react accordingly and deal with the problem in no time. 


Communication is key to success, some may say. One of the best things you can do for your business is to ensure that communication between your employees and location is streamlined. Of course, you will probably use a web-based email for some of the information sharing, both externally and internally. However, you also want to include a cloud-based system that will connect you with your employees on a deeper level. 

You can consider Slack as one of the most popular options. It offers a workspace where all your employees can message each other, and where you can make announcements, changes in workflow, and get updated regularly. The main idea behind this is to allow your employees to work seamlessly with other employees, but also to create a centralized database where you can access reports at any time. 

Schedule Management 

A great thing about scheduling software is that you get to alter and access employee schedules at any time, from anywhere. You will find different options with different approaches all across the web. Still, most of them will usually offer either a mobile app, web-based interface, or both. The idea is to allow employees and management to interact, confirm time spent working, and determine when to take time off. 

Software for managing schedules allows users to ensure that everyone can update their schedules in real-time to eliminate confusion and absenteeism. Additionally, most software from this group will allow users to handle payroll and labor budgets, identify top-performers, and monitor pay cycles. This means that you won’t have to deal with handing out payrolls manually, but also that you won’t have to think about too much whether all your employees are getting paid on time. 

Accounting Software 

When speaking with business owners, most of them will say that accounting is something that tends to worry about the most. In most cases, an owner can’t handle books by himself. Therefore, hiring an accountant is a must, but that is not enough. Monitoring business performance and tracking revenue, expenses, and the bottom line can be a real drama. This is where accounting software can be of great help. 

Once you have an experienced accountant, you want to allow them to do their job efficiently, in real-time, and provide relevant data in books. Simple accounting software can do all the unnecessary, repetitive tasks for you, provide you with all the information you need regarding your expenses and revenue, and make sure that your business remains profitable. 

Customer Relationship Management

An effective CRM system will, without a doubt, enhance your interaction with potential and regular customers. Customer service and transactions are the main aspects that CRM systems are focusing on, providing you with an effective solution that makes the experience both for you and your customers more enjoyable. 

Additionally, a CRM system will allow your clients to address their concerns in a timely manner, so you will always be ready to react and do what needs to be done. It is recommended to choose software that can present data in an easy-to-understand fashion and with a straightforward interface, just for the sake of convenience. 

Marketing, PR, and Sales 

One of the main benefits of using the software to optimize and organize your workflow is that you get to work in a very structured manner. Software that’s designed for PR, marketing, and sales will allow you to analyze your data and make better decisions regarding marketing and sales processes. 

Additionally, it allows users to make substantial improvements to marketing and sales practices thanks to the data collection and greater efficiency. The idea behind using software for this is to get the most value of your marketing budget and eventually improve your conversion rates. 

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