Challenges Faced By International Students

Challenges Faced By International Students

Thousands of students enroll in international universities. While they are looking for better opportunities and education, adjusting to some life aspects can be challenging. The challenges can be as simple as figuring out your favorite snack from home or adjusting to different styles of education. Here is a sneak peek at some of the difficulties students from overseas face.

1. Finances

Finance has to be one of the biggest challenges even for students with a full scholarship. You have to buy new stuff, explore different places and even try restaurants. All these activities cost money, yet most students have a limited budget. You can work while you study to help lessen the financial burden. Finding a job won’t be so tricky, but keeping it can be. Try to balance your work and studies so that you don’t lose focus on why you are there in the first place. 

Be aware of your spending and have a budget. Grab every opportunity that can improve our financial situation. Budgeting will help you stay on top of your finances. Being money-smart will save you from many unfortunate situations. However, you should still find time to live a little and have all the campus experiences with your peers.

2. Culture Shock

All the excitement you had about studying abroad fades as soon as you get there. You can never be prepared enough for the customs and habits you will find in the new country. Everything will need some getting used to. Adjusting to your new reality can be confronting, and most of the time, it gets in the way of socializing. You should immerse yourself in university life and make friends before learning how the locals do things. Don’t be too shy to approach new friends and share your points of view. 

Trying to learn everything at once will overwhelm you. It’s natural to miss home in such situations. Don’t let homesickness stop you. Other international students could relate to what you are going through. But don’t limit your interactions to other international students alone. The good thing is culture shock goes away once you adjust to your new setting.

3. Housing

Another challenge is finding a new home. Finding a place like Alta Midtown Park suitable for a student is not easy. It would be best to assess your accommodation options before you leave home so that you have a place to go once you step out of the plane. Securing housing on campus can be tricky, so finding affordable options nearby becomes the next best thing. If your finances are stretched, look for a place you can pay rent, buy food, and other essentials without breaking a bank. 

If you want more independence, you can look for private accommodation but beware of scams. Visit the location first before you start paying any money. Once you figure out accommodation, everything else will come easily. You will learn a lot by living among the locals, and it can help you adjust even faster.

4. Language Barrier

When English is not your first language, you will have a huge problem with communication. It can also be difficult trying to understand new accents. There are slang words that will take you a while to learn. The language barrier can make you shy, but chatting with other students is the only way to start learning. You may never learn a new language and even form relationships if you lose confidence. 

Sadly, language barrier can also lead to difficulty understanding lectures. It leads to poor grades; you should learn the language as soon as possible. Most universities have language support programs for international students. Academic help is available in the form of study groups and additional tutoring. The language barrier may lead to fear of missing out, which can cause stress and anxiety. Try to involve yourself where you can; it’s the only way to feel like part of the larger community.


Studying abroad is both exciting and challenging. These are challenges most international students face, but there could be more. You can prepare for some of these challenges, but others like homesickness and culture shock are inevitable. However, everything starts with accommodation. Find your home first before you start thinking about other things.

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