What is Solchicks, The latest PTE Game?

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Blockchain technology is now in the gaming sector. Blockchain has changed the gaming industry completely. Now, there are cryptocurrencies and NFTs associated with many PvP games. You can earn these digital assets while playing these games. You have to finish the objectives, raids, and quests to win digital rewards. Now, gamers can use these rewards to convert them into real money. Blockchain games allow the players to buy and sell in-game items like characters, weapons, skins, and more. Players can also convert their in-game items into NFTs and trade them on the marketplaces. The transactions of the in-game digital assets are recorded on the blockchain network.

Earlier, gamers were not able to send their in-game items to other players. Also, they cant make money by selling these assets. But, players can now make plenty of cash through blockchain games. The in-game assets in blockchain games are also unique, and their demand is high. These play-to-earn games provide players complete control over the digital assets they get through their participation. Nowadays, many players are making profits through PTE games like SolChicks. In this article, we will tell you about Solchicks PVE game, so keep reading and do not miss anything:

About Solchicks

SolChicks is a PvP blockchain game where you can earn NFTs and cryptocurrency as rewards. In this metaverse gaming platform, players have to find, collect, and breed Chicken warriors named SolChicks. Also, there are 10,000 unique SolChicks NFTs that players can buy and sell for money. You will also earn money by participating in battles and other missions in this game. The story of this Solana blockchain game centers on the SolChicks, a race of combat chickens from planet Chicco. In 2021, a tragedy happened when SolFox attacked SolChicks in Chicco. Now, few SolChicks are left and present in the Solana blockchain. Now, gamers have to join them to complete their mission.    

SolChiks game also has its native token named $CHICK. The cost of 1 CHICK is equal to $0.04 (£0.03). Since the demo version of SolChicks launched, the game has gotten so much attention from people. There are also around 268.3K followers on the official account of Twitter. The price of the SolChicks NFTs is 15 SOL on SolSea. Also, SolChicks got much publicity for its Initial Game Offering (IGO) back in December 2021. This thing also resulted in the slowdown in the Solana network. 

Playing SolChicks

You have to play the demo version of the SolChicks game on their official site. To start playing, you have to click the Play our Game Demo button and then connect your Twitter account. You have to create your account and provide details like name, email address, etc. After that, you can start enjoying the game. Players have to select from the categories like Bishop, Gladiator, or Wizard. Also, you have to buy two SolChicks NFT to start the game.

Also, you can start leveling up your SolChicks character and complete all the missions to get rewards. Also, players can participate in the battles, and you will connect with opponents of the same level through a matchmaking system. Many players team up in the raids against powerful monsters named SolFox. Also, you will get $CHICKS and other in-game rewards for their performance. 

Make Money With SolChicks

Players can make money through the SolChain game in many ways. You can sell the SolChicks NFTs on the marketplaces. These NFTs are the characters through which you will play the game. You can also create more NFTs by breeding the SolChicks. Breeding happens by two SolChicks to produce SolEggs. Players will have to advance their SolChicks through 60 levels, including Tutorial, Fledgling and Progression, and Endgame. So, players can sell the SolChicks NFTs in the marketplaces for profits. The minting of these NFTs moves in various phases. The trading of SolChicks happens on secondary NFT marketplaces. 

Players can also purchase the SolChicks on these platforms: FTX, SolSea, Solanart, SolShop, Magic Eden, and Digital Eyes. Apart from NFTs, players earn money by earning rewards in the game. You have to invest your time and effort to complete quests and objectives in the game. Players get rewards for their performance in the game. Every week, players are ranked as per their level and achievements. They get the $CHICKS tokens as rewards. Players get the SolCoins which are the other in-game currency of SolChicks. Players can improve their game through this currency.

Team Of SolChicks 

There are more than 50 employees globally behind the PvP NFT game SolChicks. The leading members of the SolChicks team are William Wu — CEO, Lewis Grafton — COO, Jun Ho Lee — Game Development / Graphics (Lead), and more. The team members of this Solana blockchain game have experience operating on multiple blockchain projects.

Another best thing about the SolChicks game is their partnerships with the leading players. Companies like Gate.io Labs, Unanimous Capital, Fundametal Labs, Blocore, KV Ventures, and many more have already invested in this game.

Future Of SolChicks 

The demo version of the SolChicks game has received a huge success. Many global players have already associated with SolChicks. Also, the sale of the $CHICKS tokens set a new record in less time. The alpha version of the SolChicks game will release in the first quarter. In the coming times, players will participate in the P2P battles. Also, selected players get the chance to take part in the Battle of the SolFox Challenge. 

After that, the second update will arrive around the next quarter of this year. Then, players can explore new worlds and experience farming and occupations. 


SolChicks has the best features that make this play-to-earn game stand out from the crowd. Players have the best opportunities to make money through this PvP blockchain game. You will get the chance to earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Players have to complete the missions and raids to get the best rewards. So, SolChicks is a game that every blockchain game enthusiast should try. 

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